6 Things you should know when hiring a company to do your cast iron replacement @ashrosa2

6 Things you should know when hiring a company to do your cast iron replacement @ashrosa2
16 Dec 2019

Are you looking for a reputable residential plumber?

Plumbing issues with the sewer line can be very problematic for homeowners, especially when a cast iron replacement is due. Don’t ever dare to overlook such a situation. Avoiding an eminent fault with the sewer line is disastrous. Therefore, you should quickly resolve the issue before it escalates into an emergency.

Let’s have a look at why your outdated sewer line needs to be replaced.

Cast Iron Replacement

Houses built in the 1980s utilized a material known as ‘cast-iron’ for the sewer lines. It is well-known that water and iron are not on friendly terms. However, cast iron is different as it does not allow the formation of rust to occur.

This material is corrosion-resistant, but it is also relatively brittle, which allows cracking. Therefore, wear and tear in the past three to four decades may render these lines to malfunction now. If there are tree root infestations in the sewer line, the problems are even graver.

Later versions of sewers used ductile iron as it is stronger and more robust than the more brittle ‘cast-iron.’

Here are a few things you should know before you hire a company for cast iron replacement.

There are different cast iron replacement methods

When an old sewer line shows signs of damage, it may be time for a cast iron sewer pipe replacement. These signs can include discolored water in the faucets, a fishy amount of water leaks, and a foul odor. Other indications can consist of an excessively healthy lawn or a rodent infestation.

Before you hire a company, you should know that there are different sewer line replacement methods out there. One way includes digging a sewer trench to expose the issue which needs to be resolved. This method is known as the trench-and-replace method.

The other option is a trenchless sewer replacement, which is more valuable in urban environments, according to the EPA. A pipe-bursting technique will be utilized to ensure new piping is installed underground without digging a trench.

Knowing about these methods will help you discuss them with the plumbing company smartly.

The plumbing company must have a plumbing permit

Some technical plumbing tasks like sewer line replacement require a permit and cannot be carried out by the average Joe. An inspector will even check to ensure there is compliance with the safety code after the sewer line is replaced. Therefore, homeowners should perform due diligence before hiring any company. Hiring a firm without a permit is out of the question as it could lead to horrible repercussions, both legal and financial.

Don’t fall for the marketing tactics of plumbing companies and only hire a licensed company for the job. In fact, before investing any money for cast iron replacement, you should consider investing in a thorough sewer line inspection.

The company you hire must be reputable and well-experienced

Homeowners should also emphasize hiring a plumbing company only based on merit. Don’t hire any cheap, amateurish company as they will ruin the existing plumbing and damage the property simultaneously. Cast iron sewer pipe replacement is not a joke. Never forget that an attempt to save a buck or two now can prove dangerous down the line.

Let’s face it; no one wants to pay a hefty amount to the plumber. But there is no room for compromise when a cast iron replacement is needed. Homeowners should realize this and charge the responsibility of sewer replacement to a service-provider that never compromises on quality.

You must figure out the details of the sewer line issue

Cast iron pipes are often installed incorrectly, resulting in poorly connected joints and improperly supported pipes. To make matters worse, they are usually connected with unapproved and substandard fittings. Since sewer lines are underground, a thorough video inspection is required to understand the case better. This better understanding allows the development of a good sewer replacement strategy. Never blindly take the word of any plumber without investing in a proper video inspection.

Even the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is aware of this issue and has developed material regarding deteriorating buried infrastructure.

You need to know the average cost for a replacement

According to HomeAdvisor, the typical cost range to repair or replace the main sewer line can lie anywhere between $2,250 to $5,750. However, these costs can vary on a case-to-case basis as different houses have different types of plumbing layouts and fall in different geographies.

Before you hire any company, do some market research, and evaluate how much a cast iron replacement will cost you. Don’t hire a company that is charging you an unreasonable amount for the job.

You need information about the new sewer lines

Try to gather information about the various options you have for new sewer lines. Usually, PVC pipes are installed underground as they are the modern plumbing standard. Knowing the pipes and the costs surrounding the material gives you a better chance at negotiation.

It should not be easy to fool you by quoting plumbing material at unreasonable rates. Therefore, before you hire a company, do your homework and negotiate with the plumbing company you are considering.

Final Thoughts

Outdated plumbing haunts homeowners in the United States. A sewer line replacement is a complicated business that should be left to licensed and reputable plumbing companies. Before you hire one, consider studying more about cast iron replacement and figure out the average cost in your locality. You may need to review the materials relevant to the sewer replacement, but it will help you with negotiating a better price with the plumbing company. Don’t compromise on quality and rely on the experts with the replacement as the repercussions are harsh.


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