Road Trip Abroad: Car Travel Essentials You Must Have

Road Trip Abroad: Car Travel Essentials You Must Have
15 Oct 2021

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The recent coronavirus pandemic has forced more people to road trips if it is absolutely necessary to do journeys abroad. Basic knowledge about your destination, how far you will be traveling, and what you may encounter along the trip is necessary to have a successful trip. It is actually disconcerting when your car breaks down when you are doing a short trip. Imagine that this happens when you are miles away from home and you are needing a mechanic when there is none in sight. Perhaps, making sure that your vehicle is in very good condition is the most important thing to consider before doing a long trip. You will also need to take some items with you that can help you survive the journey especially if it is going to last more than a day. So, what are some of the essentials for a road trip abroad?

Documents to have during your road trip abroad

Having your national driver’s license is necessary if you are going anywhere with your car. However, the license becomes insufficient once you cross your country’s border. For you to be able to drive in foreign countries as a motorist, you must possess an International Driving Permit (IDP). For example, if you are going for a trip in the UK from another country, say in the United States and you know you will have to rent a car at your destination to drive yourself around, you will have to obtain an international driver’s license in UK along with your drivers’ license from the U.S. The other documents you need to drive in a foreign country apart from the IDP are a valid U.S. driver’s license and auto insurance.

Precautions to take on your car before taking that trip abroad

Some of the precautions to take with your car before going on a long road trip abroad are:

• Fix sun protectors for the side windows and windshield
• Ensure that your fire extinguisher is working properly
• Change oil and filter
• Do not put luggage over the car else it will slow you down due to air friction
• Check cabin air filter
• Check your spare tires
• Make sure your car jack is in the car
• Make sure there is a plastic funnel for adding water. There should be a bucket too in case you are taking water from the river for emergency coolant
• Make sure you have your owner’s manual close by
• Cover your headlights and windshield with protective sheets to prevent bug clogs or other damages.
• During your journey, always fill your fuel tank up any chance you get. Don’t wait till it is empty
• Remember to take all your chargers and necessary cables along like your drone charger, auxiliary cable, car charger for your phone, camera charger, USB cables, and Go Pro charger
• Go with your spare key but keep it in your pocket or wallet that you carry around just in case you mistakenly lock your key in your car.

Items to pack in a car survival kit

It is good to take some precautions above but a car is a machine and anything can still happen while you are on your journey. With this in mind, it will be good to be prepared for these uncertainties. These are very important for that situation:

• A chain or thick towing rope
• Bungee cords
• Pliers
• Hammer
• Electric charger wire
• Screwdrivers and wrenches of different sizes

Other things you should check before traveling

Just before you set out on the trip, you can make a quick check of some of the following:

• Check the condition of the tires
• Check for tire threads or any sign of strain or damages on the tires.
• Flush the radiator if you haven’t done this in a long while.
• Test your high and low beam lights to know if they are in good condition.
• Check to see that your wipers are functioning properly just in case the rain falls.
• Make sure to have a full reservoir of wiper fluid. You know that bug hits can really mess up your windshield.
• Ensure there is enough oil like power steering oil and brake fluids.
• Loose cable heater and air conditioner if your trip is seasonal.

Covid 19 preparation list

There are some other things to carry in your backpack as a measure against contracting the deadly virus. Some of them are:

• Clorox wipes
• Disposable gloves
• Hand sanitizer
• A face mask

Final word

Going on long road trips abroad requires adequate preparation. Needless to say that if you just learned how to drive, you will have to consider going with a friend who has years of experience in driving. You can do a checklist for all these essentials which you must crosscheck and make sure you are all set for your trip. When you have all you need for your journey including food, you will be rest assured that it will be an interesting one.


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