Car Care: The Little Things That Grow Into Big Problems

Car Care: The Little Things That Grow Into Big Problems
03 Sep 2019

Cars are not like tanks, that can just brave any kind of temperature, any bumps and big impacts and carry on working. We wish they were because most of us just want to get in and go to work. Driving is not something we look forward to but don’t wince from either. It’s more or less just a convenience thing. When we get home and park the car, we go into the house and completely forget about the machine that just carried us to work and back safely. As long as things work reasonably, we don’t bother much with our cars. Even if there’s something wrong with the car but it’s a minor issue, we just let it be until we have the time or the money to fix it. However those little problems can turn into big issues if we don’t do something about it. You don’t need to take your car to the garage to care for it, you can do it right at home.

Suspension maintenance

The only things that touches the road from the car are the tyres. They are the most important thing when it comes to ride handling but the next most important thing is ride comfort which will be concerning the suspension. Firstly you need to take the tires off to have a proper inspection of the suspension parts. Check the steering fluid and how well it reacts with the tires turning. The suspension should not move as the wheel rotates which would mean they are properly fitted and tightened. Checking the spring coil for erosion, rupture, bending or compression problems is the next priority. Check the strength of the fittings to the chassis which will be right at the top of the suspension bars. There should be no debris to block the narrow gaps and no movement of the suspension when the springs are coiled upward.

Tis just a scratch

Before you car shouts ‘a plague on your house’ to you for not checking to see if your windshield has a scratch, it’s best to check every other week. Sometimes scratches that seem absolutely harmless can be deeper than expected. If the crack goes too deep into the windshield it makes for an air gap where wind can blow straight into your car as you’re driving. This will only create more glass to crack and little bits to fall off. Modern day windshield repair can be done right at home as well as any other glass panel your car has. Whether it’s windshield, sunroof, door glass, back glass, vent glass, quarter glass or even the side mirrors, anything can be repaired and replaced right in your driveway.

Cracks in the seating

Most modern cars come with leather seats. Average everyday cars have leather than can easily dry out and begin to crack. Using leather polish will prevent those cracks from becoming deeper and longer.

It’s always the little things that catch us out. Cars cannot communicate such little impurities so keeping a watchful eye on your suspension, windshield and seats will save you from making repairs in future.

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