Car Care and Maintenance that First-time Car Owners Should Know

Car Care and Maintenance that First-time Car Owners Should Know
30 Sep 2020

Your car needs all the love that it deserves to ensure that it runs at its best. Even if it is the first time that you are buying a car, you need to know how to maintain your vehicle correctly. You’ll reduce any potential repair cost and even optimize its performance. Even more, you’ll also keep its value and extend its longevity. Whether it’s old or new, your car still needs regular maintenance even if it’s stuck in any of the carports in your home state. So here are four maintenance methods that will make you look like an expert car owner.

Always drive with care

Just like everything else, driving your car with care is essential, even after the break-in. One tip that Reader’s Digest suggests is to be cautious when starting up your car’s engine. Doing so only wears your car’s engine faster, especially during the cold season. It would help if you also practiced accelerating slowly when you start to drive. Remember that the most wear to the car’s engine happens during the first 15 minutes of operating it.

Look at the tire air pressure

Consumer Reports says that you need to look at your car tires at least once a month before going on a road trip. It would help if you checked all tires’ inflation pressure, including your spare ones, too. It’s highly advisable to do this, especially when the tires are cold. Use the pressure indicated by the vehicle’s manufacturer to ensure that you’re doing it right.

Know when to change your oil

If you’re not driving your vehicle too often, the oil can deteriorate over time. So, if your car is always inside your garage, then you should consider switching it from a mileage-based oil-change schedule to a time-based one. If you’re using the vehicle regularly, most car manufacturers recommend doing it every six months or each time your car reaches 7,500 miles (ca. 12,070 km). When checking for an oil leak, you need to park your vehicle on level ground to get a more accurate reading. You can use a dipstick to get a measurement.Remember not to overfill your car, and fix the leak as soon as you find any.

Clean the car

You need to wash the car each week, if possible. You can either go to a car wash station or do it yourself. It would be best if you used a hose to clean the undercarriage and the fender wells. Afterward, you need to wax the car to add more protection against various weather conditions. Aside from the outside, you also need to ensure that your car’s interior is clean, too. You can try using a sponge and a vacuum whenever you wash your vehicle.

Ensuring that you know these steps is crucial if you want to keep your car safe and running for years to come. It would be best if you also considered consulting the owner’s manual. It will also help if you ask the mechanic to know more tips to help maintain your car. Spilled liquids like a soda can be corrosive. So, ensure that you wash your car to get rid of it.

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