Creating a Captivating Product Package to Make Your Items a Top Pick

Creating a Captivating Product Package to Make Your Items a Top Pick
18 Nov 2021

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When it comes to a product’s packaging, how it looks tells so much of its quality. Everyone is familiar with the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but in the marketing world, appearance matters. The design of your packaging can be the very factor customers look for during their shopping escapades.

Although your top priority should be your actual product, your brand image depends on your packaging and even helps you create a credible appearance in the market. Your product packaging is also a massive part of your marketing campaigns. What you put on your promotional materials must reflect on the cover of your items.

Since entrepreneurs already have a lot to survey, here’s a brief on what makes the most appealing product packaging design that customers can’t help but pick from shelves.

Design It with Your Market in Mind

Like how you would craft your marketing plan, you should also have your target market at the center of designing your packaging. If you’re selling your product to the high society section of the client spectrum, opting for chic and straightforward is your best shot at having your product selected by the right hands.

On the other hand, if your products are for kids, then you can charm your way to the younger populace by opting for colorful and vibrant hues supported by adorable animation.

Quantity and Convenience

No one wants to spend more than a few minutes unboxing a product when all they want is to test it out and finally use it. Product packaging also serves as protection, but you should find the fine line between keeping it secure and making it accessible.

For example, when it comes to bottles, you can use paper packaging with perforated lines that clients can easily peel off but still keep its content from leaking during unique circumstances. Thinking of the quantity is also essential when looking for the perfect container for your product. If you sell trail mix, it’s better to package it in resealable packs. Buyers can snack on them and put them on a shelf at their convenience.

A Layout that Encourages Recycling

Waste is a massive problem across various industries that affect businesses and the whole world. To help fight against waste that is one of the leading catalysts for climate change, you can use your packaging as part of your arsenal. Using recyclable materials for your packaging can help it decompose faster and keep it from ending up in landfills.

You can also creatively design it in a way that can motivate your clients to upcycle it into other items. For instance, if your product needs cardboard box packaging to keep it safe from bumps during delivery, you can add instructions on how to turn it into a mini fort or pet house and prevent it from adding to the growing waste problem.

Looks that Matter

What’s inside is what matters, which is true, but in the marketing world, appearance also scores points. With millions of products in today’s market, the competition boils down to quality and how a product looks from the outside. When designing your product packaging, it’s best to craft an eye-catching layout that shoppers can easily spot from a distance.

If you’re selling accessories, it’s better to get the services of a jewelry retouching company not only for your packaging but across your promotional materials, as well. Typography is another factor that is crucial when it comes to creating an excellent product design.

Crafted to Safeguard the Product

Since the gold lies beyond the product packaging, besides designing an appealing package, you also need to think about maintaining the quality and integrity of the items inside it. For perishables that are often in resealable bags or containers, sealing out air helps keep them fresh and safe from external factors that may compromise their quality.

You want your customers to enjoy your product at the premium grade so that you can expect repeat orders, which you can do by keeping your items in the best condition for as long as possible.

Display What They’ll Get

Many people are conscious of what they put in their bodies – as they should – and you can help them along the way by displaying what your product contains right off the bat. If you sell food, you need to state your nutrition facts label, which is often at the back of the packaging. This way, buyers can immediately check if it contains ingredients they might be allergic to or don’t want in their system.

Furthermore, adding disclaimers for allergens and which age group your product is suitable for should also have space in your packaging.

Marketing encompasses almost all aspects of your business, including product design. Most think creating packaging is simple. However, when you consider the factors, you’ll also reveal the promotional opportunities you can take advantage of to further your marketing tactics.

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