Life Made Easy With Canvas Prints Online

Life Made Easy With Canvas Prints Online
21 Jul 2020

Getting a portrait of yourself or your family by hiring an artist was something only the elite could afford a decade or two ago. It was costly, time-consuming, and not to mention the long hours spent sitting in front of the painter without being able to move.

Today, we take hundreds of pictures with our smartphones, select one from the many we captured, and throw the others in our cloud storage abyss. Many people also convert these digital photos to art canvas photo prints online, which is fast and affordable, and helps personalize their home decor.

Cotton or Poly-Cotton Blend Canvas?

Best quality canvas prints online can be either pure cotton or a mix of cotton and polyester. Most canvas print suppliers do state on their websites what kind of canvas they use for your photo printing.

Pure cotton canvas prints are more expensive as they give the edition a more natural look, and the texture comes very close to a canvas painting.

On the other hand, a poly-cotton blend canvas provides more of a linen look, and is easy to maintain than the pure cotton canvas.

Once your chosen photo is printed on canvas, it is then varnished and stretched on a wooden frame.

Photos are suitable for printing on canvas

Any photos you ate with your smartphone or digital camera are good to use, as long as they are printed on quality canvas prints. However, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct photo resolution because the quality of canvas prints is directly proportional to your photo’s resolution.

Keep a thumb rule of not uploading a picture on the design tools with less than 250KB, because images with lesser size than that appear pixelated when enlarged.

Professional printing companies use various editing software nowadays to ‘enrich’ your photos that have lower resolution. There are several algorithms in Photoshop available that actually enlarge a photo by increasing the resolution with the creation of artificial pixels, resulting in a less grainy picture on the canvas of your chosen size.

Varieties in Canvas Mediums

With so many choices available for canvas prints, you can literally exhibit your photos as classic masterpieces to dramatic split canvas prints. If you always wanted a virtual window in your room, then panoramic canvas prints or a self-portrait on a square-shaped canvas can also make your room look perfect.

You can also highlight special moments on a canvas photo collage or canvas wall displays to let your walls tell a story. With the advent of the latest photo printing technology, all of this is possible right online through any printing website.

Canvas Prints Online 3 frame canvas photo

CanvasChamp for High-Quality Canvas Prints Online

Who knew quality photo canvas prints were going to be easy to afford? Today, you can quickly think of gifting a personalized canvas print to your loved ones for their home decor with your favourite photos in no time.

CanvasChamp can help you customize your pictures on their website’s design tool, wherein they offer a lot of personalizing options to edit your photos on canvas. From 8″x 8″ to 54″x 54”, you can design your very own quality canvas prints online, and have them delivered to your doorstep in ready-to-hang condition!

Check out CanvasChamp, and design your canvas prints now!

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