Canada takes the Bronze at Vancouver 7s in a Win against South Africa

Canada takes the Bronze at Vancouver 7s in a Win against South Africa
18 Mar 2020

Following Canada’s recent devastating loss in the rugby semi-finals against Australia, they had the chance to go for the bronze in a match against South Africa, a team who they hadn’t beaten in seven years, and they showed no mercy. The Bronze was the best achievement Canada had acquired since they earned fourth place a couple years ago back in 2018 in the World Rugby Sevens Series played in Paris and Cape Town.

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Canadian star Justin Douglas had scored after only one failed try in the game, due to South Africa having one less player on the pitch because of a yellow card. Canada took this at full advantage and finished the match with an impressive 26-19 victory and the bronze medal to their name at the HSBC Canada 7’s Rugby Competition.

Harry Jones, from Vancouver stated that with yellow cards, you should hope to at least score once. He celebrated the win with his friends and family and also added that it’s a crazy game, where you need to be in it during every millisecond otherwise it can unexpectedly go the other way in a split second.

The first half of the fight for the bronze was a tough one, with the teams tied at 14 all, then later Douglas gave Canada a 21-14 lead, and later the win was sealed by Jones.

The game was full of anxious moments and adrenaline pumping tactics. South Africa battled hard to climb back up, yet the Canadian defence was impenetrable. Jones said that it’s all about mentality at that point, where the bodies are hurting but the crowd is pushing hard for the team to do their best in the final few minutes to hold a tight grasp onto the lead. He also added that it was awesome.

On the other hand, the Gold Medal was earned by New Zealand, in a 17-14 win against Australia in the finals.

Canadian coach Henry Paul said they had been on the right path since last August. He also added that they are still finding out some things about themselves.

This performance will give the team the necessary boost to prepare for this summer’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. The squad definitely has belief in themselves, they’re growing and they’re taking the right steps forward to lead them towards their biggest goal ever- taking the gold.

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Devastating Loss In SemiFinals against Australia

Winning the bronze certainly soothed a deep wound from losing the semifinals for the Canadians. They gave up a couple of chances about 30 seconds apart, then were denied a scoring chance at the last minute, where they lost 19-14 to the Australian team.

While Canada were threatening the opponents to attempt to tie the match during extra time, Theo Sauder had been tackled at the goal line. Instant replay technology indicated that the ball touched down just before crossing the line. Sauder later said that he wished his arm was an inch longer.

The future of the Canadian team after the 2019/2020 season

All rugby teams are in full gear in preparation for the coming Summer Olympics and the next season, even though we are not sure whether or not they will happen due to the current COVID-19 coronavirus related situation, although, one thing we know for sure is these teams live for their sport, and will do anything to play and win, no matter what. So whether or not the coming competitions are postponed, it doesn’t matter, they’re going to be well-prepared and ready to fight for the gold.

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