How Online Casinos Have Evolved for Canadian Poker Enthusiasts

How Online Casinos Have Evolved for Canadian Poker Enthusiasts
03 Dec 2018

The ever-growing virtual world of online casino gaming has assuredly impacted the poker market in a positive way. Poker players are not limited to one variant or one casino within a diameter’s reach. Thanks to technology and the evolution of online casino gaming, players are now able to partake in poker tournaments at licensed online casinos across the world, given that the country they are operating from doesn’t fall under the list of countries governed by gambling laws restricting access to particular casino sites.

Overall, online gambling is a lifestyle for poker players and the Canadian online casino market has evolved so much so, that other players across the world are beginning to take notice. We take a look into why this might be and find out what has made such a positive impact on Canadian online casinos.

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Canada’s Gambling Laws

For those familiar with online gambling, Canada is considered as the hub for gaming. The laws are less strict and poker lovers have benefited from each update, each new feature and the evolution of online casinos.

Illegal gambling is monitored and governed by the Criminal Code of Canada, which ultimately prohibits precise occurrences of specified gambling such as unlawful gambling, running lottery operations and owning or running a gaming house. Other than the basic laws pertaining to all countries regarding illegal gambling such as the above mentioned, Canada is one of the countries with the least stringent laws.

Basically, one could look at the Canadian gambling laws in a simple light where the legalities have been implemented to affect the operators, rather than the players.

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Winnings in Terms of Canadian Gambling Laws

Poker players usually play a game for high stakes, which is one of the reasons the card game is so popular. But a common question asked among the general public is whether or not winnings are taxed under Canadian laws? Let’s some light on this matter -if winnings aren’t earned as an income, then the amount isn’t taxed. However, if a person plays poker as a profession, then it is considered as an income and a percentage of each win will be taxed if the player abides to Canadian gambling laws.

This has become the evolution of online casino gaming in Canada and the impact of such laws has been positive to the Canadian poker market in terms of revenue. Poker players can expect more changes in the future, but looking at the history of Canadian gambling, any changes to come are bound to be even more positive than they currently stand.

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The Development of Canadian Online Casinos

Due to the lax laws of Canadian casino gambling and the ability to freely gamble online in Canada, online casinos have been specifically designed to attract Canadian players by offering promotions and bonus deals that are quite competitive. The hot competition never goes unappreciated as deals are always improving and benefiting the players’ market. For this reason, a number of online casinos are competing for new players, each offering a welcome bonus of some sort. Online poker casinos such as 888poker attracts both amateur players and seasoned high rollers through a diverse platform created to teach and reward poker enthusiasts at all levels skill.
Players can now learn to play poker before spending real cash at online poker sites, one of the major stepping stones Canadian players have used to further both their skill and their gaming ability. Through perks like this, only available to online casino members, the market has grown and attracted even more Canadian players.

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Canadian Entertainment

Online casinos have provided the perfect form of entertainment for Canadians with a passion for cards and poker. As it stands, Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular card games responsible for the development of many Canadian based online casinos. With all the hype and the expectation of what the next few years will hold for Canadian poker players, it’s easy to see why online casinos are evolving to keep their loyal members happy.

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