Live Big: A summer of camping with Storm. #StormLiveBig

Live Big: A summer of camping with Storm. #StormLiveBig
11 Sep 2017

The places we went, and the memories we created.

This summer was jammed pack with exciting days away in the #SilvaBulletRV, our travel trailer, camping with Storm.

From June 21st to September 4th, we spent a total of 54 nights away from home… and Storm was with us every one of those nights.

camping with Storm rachels bed

• 43 nights at Niagara’s Lazy Lakes in Lewiston, New York.
• 7 nights at Wally World Camping Resort in Loudonville, Ohio.
• 4 nights at Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville, Ontario.

54 nights away from home. Think about that… most pets would go stir crazy when their regular schedule is disrupted, and they were not in their normal home. But that’s the thing… we purposely didn’t disrupt Storm’s regular schedule, and our trailer is our second home. Storm has everything in the #SilvaBulletRV that she does at home… a big comfy bed, lots of toys, her favourite snacks, and the food she loves. We love camping with Storm, and she loves camping with us!

Work time, play time, bed time.

I work remotely while away, so Storm follows the same schedule as we do during the school year. I waked up at 7am, take Storm out, and then we both have breakfast. Once the girls are up, they take her for a walk, and play with her, while I get set up at my work station.

It’s always a fun day when away… Storm will come up and put her paw on my lap, so i’ll take a quick break to give her snuggles.

Once my work day is done, we spend time together as a family. We got for walks, play, have dinner, and if the weather permits, have a campfire. If not, we’ll stay inside and play games or watch a movie. Whatever we do, Storm is right there.

camping with Storm sleeping

Even though Storm has her own bed, she sleeps in our bed at night. When at home, she sleeps most nights between Wendy and I, usually snuggled up to one or both of us. In the tailer, it is no different. She is right there with us.

I miss you!

She loves being away with us, but she does miss someone. Wendy only joins us on weekends, and for our week in Ohio. Luckily, she was able to book a few Fridays off, so she could extend some of those weekends this summer. When Wendy arrives, Storm gets so excited! We have to make sure we are outside when Wendy arrives, because sometimes, Storm cannot hold in her excitement! She may be almost 2, but she still has the bladder control of a puppy!

camping with Storm craig

Camping with Storm was so much fun!

We had an amazing summer away, but it’s nice to be back home. With the girls back in school, it’s just me and Storm during the day. Cuddles are mandatory.

Can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

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Disclaimer: Storm and I are Purina Canada ambassadors. All opinions are our own. Woof… er… word.

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