Cameron’s Award-Winning Craft Brewery Celebrates 20 Years.

Cameron’s Award-Winning Craft Brewery Celebrates 20 Years.
08 Jan 2018

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From Hobby to Award-Winning Brewery

What started in 1997 as a hobby, has spawned on one of the most diverse family-owned craft brew brands in Canada. Cameron’s dedicated team of beer experts, led by Brewmaster Jason Britton, use the finest all-natural ingredients available.

“Craft beer business to me, is amazing because it’s all about amazing product, art and passion.” ~ Bill Coleman, President of Cameron’s Brewery

Cameron’s Brewery is now in it’s 20 year of producing delicious, quality, locally crafted beer, right here in my hometown of Oakville Ontario. Remaining true to its roots,

Oh, and awards? They’ve won over 200 of them in the past 20 years, by established beer competitions, and others from consumers who appreciate a great craft beer.

Great Beer With Great Cheese!

You often hear of wine and cheese pairings… but beer and cheese? The folks from Cameron’s Brewery brought their Brewmaster Selection to Food Depot International to show that wine can’t always have the spotlight.

cameron's cosmic cream ale

Cosmic Cream Ale
ABV: 5%
IBUS: 26
Malts: Munich & Crystal
Hops: Hallertau & Aurora

On clear nights, it seems as if you can reach out and touch the stars. Cosmic Cream Ale is the perfect companion for idyllic, curious nights beneath the constellations. Brewed with a cosmic blend of European hops for a fruity and floral backbone, this ale is fermented warm then laid to rest at a cold, lagering temperature. The result is an elegant golden ale which is crisp, balanced and refreshing.

cameron's black forest dark lager

Black Forest Dark Lager
ABV: 4.5%
IBUS: 20
Malts: Chocolate, Munich & Carafa 3
Hops: Saaz & Hallertau

Known for its mountainous terrain, dense evergreens and picturesque villages, Southern Germany’s Black Forest inspired the haunting fairytales of the Brothers Grimm.

The forest’s dark secrets and legends are infused in our deliciously dark lager. Velvety smooth with nuances of light toasted chocolaty notes and hints of bread crust support this classic Schwarzbier.

cameron's ambear red ale

Ambear Red Ale
ABV: 5%
IBUS: 30
Malts: Munich, Carastan & Chocolate
Hops: Amarillo & Cascade

The wild black bear has a lot in common with our Ambear Ale. Both are complex, intelligent and incredibly unique. This West Coast style ale uses caramel malt and citrusy, Cascade mountain hops to create layers of delicious depth. Enjoy the generous hop aroma and smooth maltiness, followed by a tasty finish.

cameron's dark and sticky IBA

Dark & Sticky Brown Ale
ABV: 5.5%
IBUS: 45
Malts: Amber, Rye & Chocolate
Hops: Falconers Flight & Idaho 7

A delicious combination of two classic styles in one artfully crafted beer: that’s Dark and Sticky. This India Brown Ale mixes a hop-filled IPA with a well-balanced brown ale, combining the best of both worlds.

The rich, dark full bodied malt profile is perfectly complimented with an intense dry hop of Idaho 7 and Falconers Flight giving this beer its “Dark and Sticky” deliciousness.

Where can you buy Cameron’s beer?

All 4 of these sections were delicious, and paired very well with the cheese selections. You can find the Cameron’s Brewmaster Selection 4-pack at Cameron’s Retail Store in Oakville (1165 Invicta Drive), The Beer Store, or at the LCBO in the craft beer section.

cameron's social media

Get Social with Cameron’s

Be sure to follow Cameron’s Brewery on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Enjoy responsibly.

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