How call center outsourcing can help your business flourish

How call center outsourcing can help your business flourish
17 Dec 2018

At times, an in-house call center may seem like a good idea but since it isn’t the focus of your business, investing in one can take a significant amount of resources to run.

That’s why companies have always struggled with managing and operating an internal call center which is not only challenging in itself but is also a costly part of their direct-to-customer business approach; representing more than 3% of the total net sales. A better alternative, in this case, would be call center outsourcing.

Think of it as a qualified business partner who is ever ready to help you support your flourishing business. In simple words, call center outsourcing can be defined as the procedure of hiring the services of third-party contractors in order to handle your company’s customer support operations either in part or full. The various services it includes are:

• Customer Support
• Technical Support
• Lead Generation
• Sales
• Back Office Processing
• Direct Response

Outsourcing your call center operations provide many benefits to your business and customers, but you don’t have t take my word for it. I have presented below a few such advantages to help you make up your mind.

Frees up manpower for other projects

A majority of companies consider it a waste to invest in a staff dedicated solely for handling inbound calls. And using your in-house staff for this purpose is an even bigger disaster as it may result in a major breakdown in efficiency. But outsourcing your customer support operations to a qualified call center company gives you more time to focus on more important tasks such as marketing campaigns, customer acquisition, production, and other growth initiatives.

Provide 24/7/365 customer support

Providing round-the-clock customer support is usually very difficult and expensive if you try to manage it internally. But hiring professional call center agencies might save you all this trouble since they generally operate 24/7 already. It means your customers will get after-hour support- long after office hours are closed. This might come in handy for businesses operating on an international scale who, among other things, have to consider time-zone difference as well.

Makes a positive impression on customers

As a business owner, you understand the importance of excellent customer service and how it directly impacts the word-of-mouth advertising. More so is true for dissatisfied customers as well. However, hiring a reputable call center ensures the best customer service since their staff consists of talented experts who know how to represent your business in a professional manner.

Higher call volumes are easily managed

Recent studies conducted on many small to medium-sized companies have revealed that a sudden increase in customer service has resulted in a major loss of most businesses as they weren’t prepared to handle the larger workload. Call centers eliminate all high call volume related issues like during holiday season as its staff members are not only trained to handle major fluctuations in business volume but are less prone to suffer from a work overload.

Helps you avoid unnecessary capital investment

We all know how critical it is for companies to invest in technologies and resources in order to stay competitive and efficient. But due to the high costs involved, many prefer to under-invest and are thus left with outdated technologies that deliver results on up to their expectations. Though this isn’t applicable to every company, there’s no denying that the right outsourcing partner will allow you to help preserve capital for other growth-focused initiatives.

Lower cost per call and order

Customer service operations when managed in-house are more expensive per order and per call. Over time, these costs start piling up resulting in low funds available for companies operating on shoestring budgets. But compare it with outsourcing and you will realize how it works wonders in reducing the costs of recruiting, training and retaining qualified call center representatives for their client companies.


Call center outsourcing is no longer limited to cutting labor costs and saving money. Over time, it has risen up to take its place as your trustworthy business partner with the available means and resources that can not only help you get to the market much faster than your competitors’ but can also help with maximizing your workforce flexibility besides allowing you gain access to highly-qualified employees and increasing the efficiency of your internal employees as well.



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