A Deluxe Buying Guide For Luxury Car Enthusiasts

A Deluxe Buying Guide For Luxury Car Enthusiasts
14 Feb 2019

Aston Martins, Bugattis, and Ferraris: the idea of owning one is a dream. Car-enthusiasts want the glossy paint and the low front bumper and the high-quality interior. Let’s face it; there’s a level of ostentation too. There’s nothing like turning heads as you cruise down the street in your world-class whip. Women will want you and men will want to be you – the feeling is intoxicating – and it’s all because of a car. What a powerful piece of machinery.

The main area where luxury and mainstream cars are alike is the buying process. While there are fewer deluxe models on the market that are a heap of junk, you have to do your research. Otherwise, you may end up with a vehicle that isn’t tailor-made to your needs, and that’s a lot of money to spend on something which isn’t perfect. Remember: you want the whole experience.

Because it’s a massive decision, it’s wise to understand the tricks of the trade before signing on the dotted line. Thanks to this post, there is no need to worry about being unprepared. Here are the factors you should always consider luxury cars. A deluxe vehicle deserves a quality manual.

Check Out Some Showrooms

The car you want is part of a brand, and there is no better way to gauge the quality of it than to speak to sales reps. They are the first point of contact for interested customers and how they carry themselves is an indicator of the standard on offer. Those who don’t take it seriously are not invested in the customer experience so the likelihood is the vehicle will be the same. If the car is out of this world, the level of service will be the same too.

So, what should you look out for? Alertness and speed are two features worth analyzing. World-class dealers instantly spot interested shoppers and offer their help without being intrusive. Next, test their knowledge. Ask them specific questions about different makes and models to see if they know the answers. Also, don’t forget about the things they do to go the extra mile. Lots of sales reps will offer a test drive or give you a gift to sweeten the deal. Regular sellers can’t afford to do this so it sets them out from the crowd.

Always visit at least three or four different showrooms to get a feel for the desired level. The one that is head and shoulders above the competition is the dealership you should opt for as you can be sure the product maintains the same standards.

Research The Residual Value

In simple terms, the residual value is the value of the car at this moment in time. There’s an obvious reason this is important: price. Although luxury models are expensive, there’s no reason to pay over the odds because you didn’t do enough research. Whether or not it’s a world-class car, it’s still vital that you get value for money.

However, there is another pressing issue to consider. The residual value of a vehicle indicates whether it’s been used before. Plenty of dealerships rent out their products and sell them on after the lease ends. There is nothing shady about this, but it may not be part of your agenda. Luxury car-enthusiasts want the best of the best, which means a second-hand model isn’t going to fit the brief. Therefore, the RV is a warning sign for anybody who is looking for a brand new motor.

Learn more about it by checking out this post which breaks down the costs and what to watch out for. Or, you can use a valuator and cut out the middleman. The choice is yours.

Delve Into The Warranty

Where regular buyers differ is in their enthusiasm for anything they perceive to be a bonus. A guarantee is a prime example. Because it covers the car for a short period, they are happy to sign on the dotted line without any more questions. For mainstream cars, this is fine as the risk versus the reward isn’t skewed. Luxury makes are different as there are a lot of moving parts.

As a result, they have a reputation for breaking down and not offering motorists value for money. The old supercars spring to mind, such as the Ferrari Mondial 8 which is renowned for its lack of quality. This is where delving into your warranty comes into play – it eliminates the risk. As always, the length of the guarantee is important as you want coverage to last as long as possible. These SUVs come with a five-year warranty as standard. But, it’s the stuff underneath the hood that is telling. Not only does the guarantee last five years, but it includes unlimited kilometers and is transferable. Plus, it comes with roadside assistance too.

These are the things a run-of-the-mill retailer won’t provide as they don’t go the extra mile. Luxury dealers understand it’s not only about talking the talk; it’s also about walking the walk.

Broaden Your Horizons

It’s easy to think of the prime suspects when you read or hear the term supercar. From Lamborghinis to Porsches and BMWs, you’ll have a model in mind and it will probably be a traditional one. Things are changing in the industry and they no longer have a monopoly. Whether petrolheads like to admit it or not, the likes of Tesla are now part of the conversation. How can Elon Musk’s baby not be considered a luxury car when it costs over $100,000 and goes from 0-60 in less than two seconds?

Once you broaden your horizons, it allows you to include specs which weren’t possible before. The cost will always be high as you’re investing in an asset; still, now you can save the world and be a luxury car-enthusiast at the same time. After all, the fuel economy of a Tesla is incredible – it doesn’t use any. And, this new level of practicality is spreading throughout the industry. In 2019, the McLaren 720S will become one of the easiest supercars to drive, making it a dual-purpose vehicle.

Of course, true petrolheads can resort to what they know best and pick a gas-guzzler with no power steering. However, if you want to see how technology has changed luxury cars, there is no better option than to open up to the possibilities.

Ask For The Specifications

Okay, new age cars are all well and good yet it doesn’t mean car specs are obsolete. If anything, they are as crucial as ever concerning luxury cars. Part of owning one is showing off, and to do that you need a vehicle that is one of a kind. And, if it isn’t, it should be one in a million or a billion. The best way to sort the men from the boys is to check out the specs.

Start with the engine. As well as the size, you want the speed as brake horsepower is everything even if you don’t use the car to its full potential. A Bugatti Chiron, for example, has a 1,479bhp quad-turbo engine that can reach a (claimed) top speed of 261mph. The Koenigsegg Agera RS is quicker and maxes out 277mph and 1,340 horses under the hood.

Luxury cars aren’t all about how fast they can go as you may never get to unleash their full potential. As the name suggests, they are about opulent comfort and extravagance, so the interior and the ride quality are worth considering. Is the suspension smooth, and does the interior have unique features such as screens in the headrests? As always, looks are a big deal too. The Mercedes-AMG Project One is based on their Formula One concept which means it’s incredibly sleek and stunning. A premium body design is a must.

Understand Your Motives

Finally, the last thing you need to do is to understand the motives behind buying a luxury car. As this article has pointed out, there is a lot to consider before putting pen to paper. Therefore, it’s a wise move to get inside your head so that you can align your agenda with the make and model of your choice.

Be truthful and realistic. If you want a car to show off and grab people’s attention, don’t pretend you’re not bothered about status. Buyers who do will purchase something that isn’t good-looking enough and it won’t have the desired effect. Alternatively, if performance is your thing, you should search for the finest craftsmanship on the market. Perhaps you’re an old school car-lover? In that case, you want something fast which makes plenty of noise and grips you to the seat. Value for money may even be an issue.

By examining why you want a luxury car in the first place, you can match the requirements with the perfect product. So, don’t be afraid to admit the truth. After all, as long as you understand your motives you can lie about it afterwards!

Are you a luxury car-enthusiast? What is your dream make and model?

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