Creative Birthday Party Ideas for us 40 Somethings

Creative Birthday Party Ideas for us 40 Somethings
30 Jun 2017

Parents make their children’s birthdays amazing, because that one day isn’t just a celebration of turning one year older… it’s a celebration of our child. As we grow older, though, we don’t really think much of those special days that we once celebrated as children. Birthdays seemed to outlive their fun after our 20s.

But, come on, parents deserve a birthday bash, too. OK maybe you don’t want to celebrate every year big and bold, but those momentous big birthdays – the decade milestones — call for a celebration. For the parents who are hitting a big 3-0, 4-0 or 5-0, it’s time to start planning… because you’re going to ring in a new decade with a party.

party champagne

If those grey hairs are popping up in random places, and you feel like hiding in bed on the day you hit a new decade… relax. Embrace the changes. Embrace the wrinkles. And definitely embrace the wisdom your older self has over gained over the years.

You plan all those big birthday parties for your kids, but this one might throw you for a little bit of an age loop. No Chuck E. Cheese, please… here are a few ideas for grown-up parties to begin that new decade with a bang:

party the 80s are back

80s Party

Were you a child of the 80s? Take a trip in the DeLorean and head back to the totally radical decade of big hair, neon everything and popped up collars! Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses at night! Find old movie posters from popular 80s flicks or use wild neon colored décor to set the tone.

party delorean

Download a playlist featuring all the awesome tunes from the Valley Girl decade when hair bands ruled and New Kids on the Block was the boy band! Guests should come wearing the coolest acid-washed jeans (tight-rolled!), teased-up hair, mullet wigs and… preppy everything! Extra bonus points if you feature old-school Atari games!

party candles

Dearly Departed…

Relax you’re not dead! You’re just burying your youth. The theme should be black everything. Include a fake gravesite where your youth is buried. Decorate with dark flowers, dim lighting, a fake coffin or silly urn where your youth lies dormant. Have guests pay their respects and write their condolences on note cards near your memory board, which will be decorated with pictures from your glory days. The soundtrack? Choose your favourites… or go dark and gloomy. It is, after all, your funeral!

party YOLO

YOLO: You Only Live Once

This theme is all about living in the moment. So go crazy with the party. Decorate with glitter, over the top streamers, lots of balloons… do it all in excess! For food, think fried, creamy and calories! And, of course, you can’t forget the dessert. Offer a massive dessert table for guests, and include the traditional birthday cake, some doughnuts, and cookies. Also include jars of candy for guests to scoop into take-home bags. The décor for the sweets treats table also should be completely over the top. Buy several large lollipops and arrange them in a vase like a lollipop bouquet.

party nostalgia

The Decade for Your Decade

Use your age as the inspiration for your birthday bash. If you’re turning 40, opt for a 1940s bash. Have guests dress for the decade, and incorporate the nostalgia in the décor, cake and invites. Turn to Pinterest or vintage resource sites for inspiration about fashion and culture.

party birthday

Celebrate as you usher in a new decade… and plan your own birthday bash to mark the occasion. Birthday parties aren’t just for kids, and every new decade should begin in the best way. Just don’t forget to make a wish when you blow out the fire on your cake!


Hilary Smith

Hilary Smith has parlayed her love of technology and parenting into a freelance writing career. As a journalist, she specializes in covering the challenges of parenting in the digital age. She loves all things tech and hasn’t met a gadget that didn’t spark her interest. The Texas native currently resides in Chicago, IL and braves the winters with her two children, ages 4 and 7.


  1. I’m turning 50 – yikes in June. I started with blog 3 months ago as a journey to my 50th. We are busy trying to plan a fun party. Thanks for the ideas.

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