Binogi – Where Education meets Entertainment!

Binogi – Where Education meets Entertainment!
07 May 2021

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With students affected by the pandemic-related roadblocks such as in-class learning changes and closures, parents are constantly looking for exciting things to keep their kids engaged in learning. Kids love devices and apps, so why not get them an app that is fun and helps them learn.

We are excited to share news about a Halifax-based company that has launched a successful, interactive, educational application — Binogi! Right now, you can try it for free through Spring 2021.

Binogi stands out from all of the other educational apps because its focus is on adapting to the changing needs of students. Also, they have continuous testing with Canadian schools to ensure it is current with the learning requirements. As well, they have gained endorsements from leading Canadian professors and educational boards. To date, the Binogi platform is in use by over 1 million students in over 100 countries worldwide.

Made in Canada for learning around the world!

Binogi was founded in 2011 by four entrepreneurs with backgrounds in education and social gaming. Their vision was to introduce a true ‘edutainment’ app by creating exciting educational content that offers the same enthusiasm and thrills as the games kids play. During the development of the platform, the team discovered that they received an increase in learning results from children with language struggles, learning disabilities, and kids who were bored in school. Today, Binogi has grown to become one of the leading ed-tech companies with their 10-language digital educational platform. The Binogi platform is endorsed by leading University of Toronto professors and active at several schools across Canada. With an office out of Halifax, Binogi is focused on driving innovation to better help students, teachers, and school districts/boards throughout Canada. To find out more about Binogi, download the Binogi app (iOS or Android), or visit

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Press Release

The edutainment company, Binogi, has launched their proven homeschooling app in Canada to help students struggling through the pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, children have been struggling to stay ahead of their learning in light of curriculum changes and delays. To help Canadian students and parents, Binogi has officially launched their successful interactive educational application and is changing the landscape by offering their proven program for free through Spring 2021.

As a leader in educational technology (ed-tech) and now educational entertainment (edutainment), Binogi allows students to study and learn from over 1,000 5-minute curriculum-based animated lessons, quizzes and teacher support in their language of choice. Understanding the multicultural needs of Canadian students and new citizens, the lessons are currently available in 10 languages including English, French, Swedish, Arabic, Tigrinya, Dari, Somali, Finnish, and German.

The three features that make Binogi stand out from all of the other educational apps are their focus on adapting to the changing needs of students, continuous testing with Canadian schools, and gaining endorsements from leading Canadian professors and educational Boards. To date, the Binogi platform is in use by over 1 million students in over 100 countries worldwide.

“We know this is a very challenging time for everyone, especially students that are falling behind and parents struggling to find ways to keep their homebound kids educated,” said Linus Gunnarson, CEO and co-founder of Binogi. “That is why we are stepping up to help Canadians by offering our inclusive educational app for free into Spring, so that every student can receive the support they need. We are proud to offer this new form of edutainment for all students.”

Binogi comes recommended and pilot tested by a number of Canadian educational professionals. Catherine Connors, a former teacher and curriculum leadership consultant with 32-years of experience with the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), worked with Binogi in early 2018 on their pilot project with several classes. She was so impressed with the learning platform that Catherine now works with Binogi as an Implementation Manager to help them better connect with teachers and internal systems.

“One important feature is that Binogi levels the playing field for students, especially for those that may have greater learning needs,” said Catherine. “Binogi supports student learning and provides teachers with a resource to better meet the needs of their students.”

Also part of the pilot project was Dr. Emmanuelle Le Pichon, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and head of the Centre de Recherches en Éducation Franco-Ontarienne (CRÉFO). Dr. Le Pichon discovered that Binogi was an all-inclusive tool, especially adaptable for diverse languages.

In addition to the successful pilot, Binogi also partnered with Dr. Jim Cummins from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto. Dr. Cummins is a Professor Emeritus with over 40 years of academic experience and gave Binogi top marks for their platform.

“Simply put, I was blown away by the ambition, comprehensiveness, and the rationale to help make the curriculum more accessible for new Canadians,” stated Dr. Cummins. “Binogi increases access for all students, especially for those with learning gaps. It’s a game changer and all students should download this today.”

Following their successful 2018 pilot project, Binogi opened their first Canadian office in Halifax with the goal of driving innovation and to better help the students, teachers, and school districts/boards of Canada. With schools constantly adapting their curriculums, Binogi continues to work with the OISE of the University of Toronto in order to validate both the platform’s content and methodology. Furthermore, they support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by implementing Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) related content.

To take advantage of the platform, download the Binogi app from the Google and Apple App stores or visit

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