Journey to the Biggest Casino in Canada, Now Open in Toronto

Journey to the Biggest Casino in Canada, Now Open in Toronto
19 Mar 2024

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Photo by The Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto

“Blackjack is the only casino game an amateur can learn to play and at which he can definitely win”, said Lawrence Revere, one of the most renowned gamblers of all time.

If anything, that precious gem from a 1915-born casino pit boss is enough motivation for even the most recent gambler to visit Casino Woodbine’s blackjack section for a swipe at winning. But this luxury gambling hub does much more than give you exciting games to play.

Thanks to Great Canadian Entertainment, the leading provider of gaming and hospitality in the North American country, Canada recently launched a 328,000-square feet casino – the biggest in the country’s history. Located near the Woodbine Racetrack in Resort, the new Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto is one of the largest gambling establishments in the continent.

Discover all the finest and most exciting details about this magnificent walk-in entertainment and excitement hub as we take you on a journey through its popular and not-so-popular features.

Where Luxury, Hospitality, and Exhilarating Gaming Experience Meet

Ideally, you don’t need to play at the largest walk-in gambling house or the biggest online casino in the world before experiencing the most amazing gaming adventure, but we also cannot deny that the size of a gambling house may influence the quality of its service.

The Great Canadian Casino Resort, also known as Casino Woodbine now holds the title of the biggest casino in Canada. Located in Toronto, the exotic resort has something for everyone. Whether you are a fan of conventional Las Vegas and Macau-styled gambling houses, or modern gaming houses, there is something for you here. If you’ve ever wanted a casino with slots, table games, craps, and an assortment of other titles, while also craving hotels, shows, and nightlife entertainment on either side of a coin, then your search may have just ended – especially if you are in Toronto.

To begin with, the 328,000-square feet gaming establishment offer an assorted range of features such as:

● 4,800 slot machines
● 145 live table games
● VIP rooms
● A fully equipped wellness center
● 400 luxury hotel rooms
● Sports betting kiosks
● Shopping facilities
● Luxury restaurants
● And more

Whatever needs you think you can find in one of the biggest online casinos in the world, Great Canadian Casino Resort provides a similar thrilling ambiance that supports your needs. It boasts a luxury 400-room hotel with well-appointed rooms and suites spanning 11 floors. It also includes a fully equipped wellness center where gamers can enjoy the services of an indoor pool, sauna, steam room, or fitness facility.

Luxury gamblers won’t just enjoy their nightlife playing their favorite blackjack, roulette, or baccarat titles; they’ll also have lots of luxury hospitality features to cushion the effect of the sometimes unpredictable outcomes of their casino games for maximum entertainment.

Dedicated to the Arts and the Environment

Great Canadian Entertainment announced it will host a 5,000-person entertainment venue at the resort. This venue was to serve as a leading hotspot for live music, comedy, sports, and other special events. The developers also declared that the resort’s theatre would partner with Live Nation towards hosting live performances from world-renowned artists to boost visitors’ experience – a promise it has now fulfilled.

“Gambling is not a vice; it is an expression of our humanness”, said Jeanette Winterson, a British novelist and Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Manchester. Perhaps one of the best ways Casino Woodbine lives the sage’s words is displayed in its commitment to public arts and the environment.

The Great Canadian Casino Resort has demonstrated its commitment to preserving public arts in various ways. For instance, it invested $5 million in unique artworks noticeably displayed throughout the facility. The management selected the artists through a jury of other artists and community figures via advertised opportunities for public commissioning. These advertised opportunities helped the management select the displayed artworks from diverse and underrepresented populations equitably.

The resort also flaunts an amazing green roof spanning 250,000 square feet, the second largest in the country. Solar panel canopies at the venue help to cut its carbon footprint, while electric vehicle owners have an exclusive parking lot to themselves – aside from its 3,800 covered parking spaces.

Undoubtedly a Significant Economic Hub

What else would you expect from a casino if it were dubbed the biggest casino in the world? The Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto may not be the answer you seek, if you are one of those asking the question, ‘where is the biggest casino in the world?’ but it makes a significant economic impact on Ontario.

Canada’s biggest casino gulped an investment of approximately $1 billion plus an estimated $5 million in economic advantage for its city.

“We are thrilled to be finally unveil Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto to the world”, said Matthew Anfinson, chief executive officer of Great Canadian Entertainment.

That’s not all. The casino employs over 2,000 staff members, contributing to employment and prosperity in Toronto. Besides, since the city launched Casino Woodbine, it has received hundreds of millions in gaming revenue – a feat not many of its institutions can boast of.

Going by this level of economic impact, while there is no doubt that online gambling is amazing, and while we also agree that players should be encouraged to sign up with credible online casinos and continue seeking information about which iGaming site pays out the most, there is the need for more players to get engaged in physical gambling by playing at platforms like The Great Canadian Casino Resort.

The casino also hosts several retail locations for leading brands for your shopping needs when you’re out of the gambling sections. True to its acclaim as one of the biggest casinos in the world, Woodbine hosts leading restaurants ready to serve food lovers with assorted culinary delights.

A Comprehensive Entertainment Destination for Canadians

While it is not the biggest casino in the world, the Great Canadian Resort Toronto offers unrivaled gambling entertainment to VIP gamblers, high rollers, and everyday poker, slots, and blackjack lovers to explore their chances at winning their favorite games while resorting to world-class hospitality and retail services when they need a break from casino games. There’s no better place – based on the quality of entertainment and hospitality – for gamblers in and around Toronto than the Casino Woodbine.

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