Big Daddy’s Sour Mash Strip Loin

Big Daddy’s Sour Mash Strip Loin
05 Dec 2023

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There’s nothing like a good steak. Nothing.


Now just a warning – the “Sour Mash” in the title is not just a fancy name I added in front. This recipe contains whiskey. But not just any whiskey. I used charcoal mellowed, Old No. 7 Sour mash – Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

Beef is easy to prepare, if you follow some easy instructions. A great resource is “The Roundup” App, which I will touch on a little later in this post. It’s an invaluable tool. Trust me.

There are a ton of recipes out there for different ways to cook a steak. Different cuts, different methods, different ingredients.

Here is my favourite for the strip loin cut.

Don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of Jack, on ice.

Big Daddy’s Sour Mash Strip Loin

01 spices for beef

Spice Mixture:

• 2 tbsp course salt
• 2 tbsp garlic powder
• 1 tbsp black pepper
• 1 tsp dill seed
• 1 tsp coriander

1. Mix all spices in a small container
2. Cover, and set aside until ready to use.

* Note: A pre made spice mixture can be used here.

02 raw steak


• Any size strip loin steak (I used a 12 oz – about 3/4″ thick)
• 2 oz Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey
• Spice mixture
• 2 tbsp Butter

03 srinkle seasoning on steak

1. Put steak into a pyrex dish
2. Pour Jack Daniels over steak
3. Sprinkle spice mixture over top of the steak
4. Use your fingers, and work the spices into the meat
5. Flip steak, and sprinkle mixture onto top of steak
6. Use your fingers, and work the spices into the meat
7. Cover Pyrex dish with sedan wrap, and let marinate for 2 hours in the refrigerator
8. After two hours, flip the steak in the whiskey, and put it back in the refrigerator for 2 more hours

Note: Take the steak out of the refrigerator 20 minutes before you are ready to cook.

04 searing steak

1. Preheat grill (BBQ) to high
2. Set stove burner to high
3. Melt butter in a frying pan
4. Once butter is completely melted, add in marinated steak
5. Sear all sides
6. Remove steak from heat (still in frying pan)

05 frying pan to BBQ

7. Place steak onto hot grill
8. Flip steak (depending on how you like it done – temps and times below)
9. Let grill on the other side, monitoring temperature with a meat thermometer

06 grilling steak

Important: make sure you are using a meat thermometer to monitor your steak!

07 meat thermometre

Meat Temps and Times
Always ensure you follow this chart from Canadian Beef for correct cooking methods:

08 roasting_chart_steak

Following these easy steps will guarantee you a steak you will be very hapy with – like I am with this medium rare beauty!

09 cut shot of beef

To Sauce, or not To Sauce
My thoughts on BBQ Sauce – Don’t use it. If you season and prepare your steak properly, you should not need it.

10 Mushrooms


• 227gm container of sliced white mushrooms
• 1 oz Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey
• 1 tbsp Spice mixture
• 1 tbsp Butter
• 1 tsp paprika

1. Melt butter in a frying pan
2. Once butter is completely melted, add mushrooms
3. Let mushrooms simmer in the butter for about a minute, constantly stirring them to get the all buttered up
4. Pour in the Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey
5. Add the paprika and spice mixture
6. Continue to stir until the mushrooms are a nice mellow whiskey colour

11 Asparagus


• 1 fresh bunch of Asparagus
• 3 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil
• Spice mixture

1. Snap the asparagus at the weak point
2. Lay out on cookie sheet
3. Drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil on the asparagus
4. Rub the olive oil onto the asparagus with your hands (make sure each piece of asparagus is covered with a thin layer of olive oil)
5. Sprinkle the spice mixture onto the asparagus
6. Grill on high heat for 6 minutes, rolling every minute.

* Note: Asparagus has a weak point. Bend the asparagus until it snaps. Dispose of the thicker part at the bottom. It has a very woody consistency and is not fun to eat.

Optional: You can add roasted potatoes to this meal. They add a really yummy starch!

Bon Appétit!

Big Daddy

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  1. Thanks for the great recipe for the sour mash strip loin.I am excited to try this because I love steak and this sounds delicious.I am a gal that loves to try new flavors so it will be awesome!

  2. I have never used Jack Daniels before to make steak! What an interesting idea. Totally going to make this! And I appreciate the chart of cook times as I never know how long to cook it for!

  3. Thanks For sharing this amazing recipe. My family loved it. I will be sharing this recipe with my friends. Hope they will like it.

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