Add Character And Drama To Your Space With The Best Window Treatments

Add Character And Drama To Your Space With The Best Window Treatments
09 Mar 2020

Talking about punctuating subtleties or finishing touches, nothing comes close to window treatments. It can make or break a room. From modern styles to the traditional ones, you can explore ceaseless ideas to spruce up your home décor.

• Contrast curtains are the best modern window treatments. Pitching colour-blocked ones can create a warm, distinct look. It syncs well with every design style, from transitional and traditional.
• Contrasting drapes boasting of strong hues can create neutral and warm appeal. The stylish layers are simply beautiful.
• Since contrasting window treatments induce a modern charm to any room, bedeck them with minimal accessories or fittings for a polished and clean look.
• Window decals are a wonderful alternative to conventional window treatments. They help hide your interiors and make a stunning statement simultaneously.
• Stained-glass window decals make simple and regular windows look unique and expensive. Plus, they are easy to install and are cheaper than regular drapes.

Austrian shades, eclectic styles and floor-to-ceiling, and custom curtains are also great.

An array of ideas

Gorgeous emerald green colours in malachite patterns can make a huge statement. Place a traditional religious insignia between the windows and install an iron halo there to create visual interest.

White and grey curtains can complement any window drapery.

• They elevate your office space and the wall paintings are a bonus. Mustard yellow curtains are ideal penthouse living rooms.
• They pop up the room.
• Upholstering the custom sofa in the best fabric and with silk pillows can light up the space.
• Cover them with beautiful sectional couch covers to spice up the area.

Complementary curtains, along with your canopy bed and clean walls in your cozy bedroom can create magic. Outfit them in the same fabrics and texture to get a strikingly cohesive look.

Silk curtains can never go wrong. They add warmth to any bedroom, especially the masters in urban apartments. Curtains showcasing navy inspirations are great for living rooms. The cream-coloured materials feature bold contrasting cuts and trims. Make sure you upholster both the club chairs and rug to reach completion.

The best curtains and colours

Windows can be intimidating. Bare windows make a room look naked and overdoing them makes everything fusty and chaotic. Wooden blinds are undoubtedly a good choice. The roll-up, natural bamboo window blinds work seamlessly in all interiors. They layer wonderfully with curtains, diffusing the light.

Their cutting glare allows you to see through the curtains without compromising on privacy. You can use them in classic, rustic, ad modern style interiors. The northern heights blinds are chic and budget-friendly. The simple wooden colors can enliven your rooms.

The woven and waterfall wood shade is popular because they are like window treatments’ jeans.

• Due to their versatility, you can dress them up and down. They sync with both traditional and modern interior styles.
• They add immense texture to your rooms. You can outline them as they are cordless.
• This makes them ideal for households with small children.

The tie tabs and curtain panels are hot favourites for property owners. They complete any space sans making a loud statement.


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