The Best Ways to Experience Ecuador

The Best Ways to Experience Ecuador
22 Nov 2019

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If you want stunning mountain ranges, cobbled old towns and incredible cuisine, then Ecuador should be on your bucket list. This part of South America is bursting with vibrant culture and some truly unique natural and man-made sights.

If you want to scale a mountain via a quirky railroad, or wander around the base of a volcano, all within reach of glittering blue sea, then Ecuador could just be the destination for you.

ecuador mountains

Cotopaxi National Park

Cotopaxi takes the prize for not only one of the most staggering volcanoes in Ecuador, but in South America as a whole. The landscape that circles it is full of some of the country’s most infamous wildlife too, including llamas, wild horses and Andean condors. This national park is just two hours away from the capital of Ecuador, and its size is vast. As well as hiking routes around this snow-capped volcano, you’ll also find horse rides and other activities to get involved with. This site is part of many Ecuador vacation packages, and so it’s well worth browsing to find out if it will be on your itinerary.

The Devil’s Nose train route

This quirky name is a direct translation of ‘Nariz del Diablo.’ This trail route was constructed all the way back in the early 20th century and it circles mountain slopes in a way that makes for some of the stunning train window-side views around. You’ll spot jaw-dropping waterfalls, rivers running through the mountain canyons – and not to mention some pretty impressive heights that might not be for the faint-hearted.

ecuador galapagos islands

Venture to The Galapagos Islands

These are one of Ecuador’s most famous go-to sights, and they’re a must-have on your itinerary if you’re looking to do some swimming on your travels. You’ll be diving among the charismatic local sea lions, as well as a variety of stunning marine life. You’ll also learn about how the islands were formed, and what else lives among the crystal clear waters.


The history of the Incan people arriving in the 15th century is what makes Ecuador such a fascinating place to visit. Before this group settled, the Cañari were the first to live in Ecuador, and the ruins of the Ingapirca are a visible reminder of this period. They serve as a reminder of how two different cultures learned to live together. The style of these ruins is actually quite particular to the Incan people, and their complexity exhibits their sophisticated ability to construct buildings that worked with the elements, particularly during the solstice.

Ecuador is home to some of the world’s most dramatic landscape and equally impressive architectural feats. Incan architectural design still boggles the mind when seen up close, and the surviving ruins are a testament to the quality of the architecture. Even more recent engineering feats such as the Devil’s Nose railroad are an exhibit of how both man-made design and natural landscapes can come together to create experiences that can truly heighten the senses.

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