The Best Sports for a Great Cardio Workout

The Best Sports for a Great Cardio Workout
28 May 2021

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Good cardio can benefit virtually every aspect of your life. For starters, the health of your cardiovascular system is essential for the functioning of your entire organism. Even your cognitive abilities, alertness, and your ability to focus can be affected by your cardio. 

Finally, your overall energy levels are in direct correlation with your physical conditioning. For that reason alone, you may want to invest some time and effort into boosting your cardio.

Running is often seen as the go-to means of boosting cardio, but many people find it quite tedious. This is why it may be better to just look for sports that involve a lot of cardio. Here are five such options.


The majority of people believe that the only way to get good cardio is by running, but there are several reasons why cycling may be superior. 

First of all, while it is true that running burns more calories per minute/hour than cycling, you will be able to cycle for a lot longer than you would be able to run.

Second, while you’re strengthening your core and legs, you’re not putting as much stress on them. This is also quite convenient as a method of an urban commute. This allows you to boost your cardio and commute at the same time.

Even cycling on a stationary bike can be a great way to burn calories. On average, you can lose between 300 and 700 kcal per hour, which is an excellent weight-loss method. 

Now, the biggest reason why some people dislike running is the fact that they find it boring. Cycling in your room gives you a chance to play something on the screen while exercising. This way, you can enhance the effectiveness of your training.


An average soccer player runs approximately 7 miles per game. Keep in mind that this is a 90-minutes long game, but even a shorter friendly match can be pretty dynamic. 

There are also all sorts of running involved in the game, ranging from short sprints to jogging in order to get yourself into position. This is a complex sport that relies on compound movements. This means that by playing it, you get a workout for your entire body.

The reason why this game is so popular is that it is an incredibly simple sport. The rules are straightforward, and you don’t need any expensive equipment. Ideally, you would find a field of grass and use any two objects to improvise goal posts. If you have a ball and someone to play with/against, you have all you need for a minimalistic football game.


This amazing sport is a great cardio exercise, and some estimates claim that one hour of play is equivalent to running for 2 miles. Keep in mind that this is one hour of pure fun.

Racquetball is also great for the overall strength of your bones and muscles. As one grows older and starts losing their bone and muscle mass, the positive effects of racquetball may become much easier to notice. Aside from this, it’s terrific for your balance and hand-eye coordination.

Another major benefit of racquetball is the fact that it provides you with both aerobic and anaerobic benefits. This means that you get to enhance your cardio both for concentrated short bursts of dynamic activity, as well as general endurance. 

Lastly, it is a social activity. This means that getting in shape will become much more fun if you have a friend or a family member with similar affinities. There is also always room for you to make new friends while doing so.


Combat sports are generally an excellent way for anyone to enhance their cardio, regulate their BMI, as well as get some self-confidence. Before we proceed any further, it’s important that we stress out one thing – in the majority of modern boxing gyms sparring is optional

So, unless you walk up to your trainer on the first day at the gym and open the conversation with the statement that you want to compete, there’s no physical danger whatsoever. Lastly, white-collar boxing is getting more and more popular as a trend.

Why is boxing so great for cardio? Essential exercises in this sport are skipping rope, hitting a heavy bag, running, shadow boxing, and general conditioning training exercises.

On top of this, gyms try to organize the training structure by splitting it into intervals of 3 minutes of exercise and 1-minute breaks in between. This is made so that it emulates the actual structure of a boxing match. As it happens, this alone is enough to make the structure of boxing training sessions into HIIT (high-intensity interval training).


It is beyond doubt that swimming is the best way to improve your cardiovascular endurance. This sport’s biggest advantage compared to running is that it puts minimal stress on your body. This is why most physiotherapists recommend it, especially for people who suffer from previous injuries. For those who are also interested in getting in great physical shape, there’s no better motivation than looking up the keyword – swimmer’s body.

Also, keep in mind that swimming may also increase your ability to run faster and further. 

This is only natural, seeing as how it strengthens your entire body, including those muscles that you would typically use for running. 

Swimming is also recommended as a recovery, which is why it might be a good idea to combine it with some other sports on this list. Post-workout pain is a serious issue, and swimming every once in a while may help manage it.

In Conclusion

In the end, cardio requires consistency. This is why you must choose a sport that you’ll enjoy. Going to a training session starts feeling like a chore; it might be the time to move onto something else.

 Getting in shape and boosting your cardio substantially doesn’t take more than a couple of weeks (until you start seeing some serious results). Still, in order to reap full benefits for your cardiovascular system, you need to persist for months and years.

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