The Best Hygiene Gadgets to Bring on Your Vacation

The Best Hygiene Gadgets to Bring on Your Vacation
30 Dec 2020

For most of us going on vacation, the idea of looking after our health tends to go out the window. But there are so many little things that we can take with us just to make sure that we are keeping on the right side of healthy.

Learn some of the best things that will keep you healthy and happy whether you are trying to get yourself comfy in the airplane or you have landed and are out and about.

Eye Mask

A lifesaver when you are easily distracted by artificial lights on the plane or on public transport like a train and you just need to get some shut-eye. The right eye mask is comfortable, luxurious, and is built to make sure that you travel in style.

Teeth Whitening Pen

If you are partial to a glass of red wine (or six), you may be surprised as to how they can stain your teeth after a few days of sampling some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon on the planet. An innovative teeth whitening pen is perfect when you’re out and about and you want to make them brighter and whiter. Tooth whitening products are a great way to make sure that you prevent your teeth from getting even more discolored.

CBD Gummies

If you have bouts of anxiety when going to a new place or you are somewhat fearful of flying, CBD gummies are a fantastic way to calm your travel nerves. There are so many benefits of having CBD in your life, and anxiety reduction is only one of them. You may think that it’s a gateway to illicit substances, but this is not the case.

Dissolvable Vitamin C

A handy packet of dissolvable Vitamin C will stop you from getting sick while traveling. Take a few packets of these in your carry on and if you are feeling under the weather, just slip one into some water and you will be dosed up on your Vitamin C. If you need a dose of electrolytes, zinc, or B vitamins for energy, there is a wide variety of these available.


Crucial for the airplane ride but may also be a lifesaver if you’ve got a particularly noisy neighbor next to you in the hotel! For any time when you don’t want to be wearing headphones, but you want to get rid of any annoying noise around you, the right set of earplugs are essential.

Alcohol Hand Gel

The very definition of hygiene. We haven’t been able to escape alcohol hand gel over the last few months and now we realize just how important alcohol hand gel is to staying healthy and hygienic. Take a small container of alcohol hand gel with you and in any situation where there are no working faucets or you’ve handled something that you are concerned about, a simple squeeze of alcohol gel will get rid of any germs.

Whether you want to be healthy, hygienic, or just feel better on your journey, there are plenty of things that will fit right in your carry-on.

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