Top Benefits of Self-Tapping Metal Screws

Top Benefits of Self-Tapping Metal Screws
27 Apr 2020

When it comes to ensuring that metal studs are properly fastened for a secure and snug fit, it’s critical to use the right type of screws. By using the appropriate fasteners for every metal stud framing task, you can be certain that they are not going to get dislodged but instead stay tightly fastened.

Now, if you’re working on some stud framing projects, you should use only the finest screws available. For such demanding jobs, you can achieve positive results when you use high-quality metal stud wall screws from a reliable supplier in your locality. The good news is that there are self-tapping screws that are manufactured specifically for stud framing projects that you can buy from your local supplier. These screws possess some excellent qualities that make them ideal for any stud framing project.

Here are five benefits of using self-tapping metal stud wall screws that you can expect:

Quick installation

With traditional screws used in stud frames, a pilot hole is required to properly and easily drill the screws into place. But with self-tapping screws that have a self-drilling design, this step is essentially skipped since these screws can be drilled without having to prepare pilot holes first. This allows for quick and easy installation of stud frames for faster project completion.

Excellent penetration

These metal stud wall screws can penetrate steel of up to 1mm thickness. This excellent penetration rate of these screws makes them highly favored for stud framing tasks that normally require working on steel materials with such thickness measurement.


Rust is perhaps the biggest enemy of any material that is made of metal. When not addressed, rust build-up or corrosion can significantly affect the structural integrity of any metal stud wall. Fortunately, there are self-tapping screws with a corrosion-resistant finish that eliminates the possibility of rusting. This way, you can be sure that the screws won’t rust even when exposed to the elements for an extended period. This will give you peace of mind knowing that the screws will hold their ground and keep the two materials properly fastened.

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Superior holding

Stud framing screws should possess superior holding quality to ensure that they will bear the entire weight of the two materials that they join together. The good thing about some special self-tapping screws is their under-head serration that makes such excellent holding strength possible.

Discreet appearance

When working on stud framing jobs, many workers prefer a clean appearance – no visible screw heads jutting out of the areas where they’re drilled into. Fortunately, there are self-tapping metal stud wall screws with a flat-topped head that guarantees a discreet look. This low-profile appearance is perfect for those who want a nice- clean finish in their stud frames.

With these five benefits and qualities, it’s easy to see just what makes self-tapping metal stud wall screws stand out from other types of fasteners. Just be sure to get these screws only from a supplier that you trust so you can expect the best results when you use them in your projects.

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