Finding our Inner Lumberjack at Ax Men Axe Throwing in Orillia!

Finding our Inner Lumberjack at Ax Men Axe Throwing in Orillia!
02 Feb 2018

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It’s new. It’s hip. It’s with it. It’s axe throwing!

Axe throwing has been around for a few years, and has become very popular for work parties, stags, birthdays, family outings, and league play… or just a bunch of friends wanting to try something different. It’s a great way to release some stress, or your inner lumberjack!

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While visiting Ontario’s Lake Country on a recent getaway, we had an opportunity to go axe throwing at Ax Men in Orillia. Wendy, Rachel, Lauren, and I had a blast!

Our trainer was fantastic! She walked us through safety procedures first. Once we knew all of the rules, she talked about the different materials and weights of the axes we would be throwing. For our session, we were going to use a few different weights of hatchets.

I loved how the trainer waked the girls through the safety procedures, and made them feel comfortable. Lauren was excited, but nervous at the same time. For the first time she had ever been axe throwing, she did an amazing job!

Rachel was a natural! At one point, she hit 5 out of 6 targets!

Wendy found her groove after a few throws, and when she got comfortable, hit this beauty!

I have been axe throwing before, but have never thrown with small hatchets… only medium and large sized axes. But, I eventually found the target!

Why try axe throwing?

Axe throwing is fun, and a tremendous tricep workout! When the temps are too cold, it is a great way to spend time with friends and family.

It’s safe
It is completely safe. There is safety fencing set up on either side, guidelines where you cannot cross, and proper training on how to throw the axes. Ax Men is very strict in making sure everyone is throwing the axes in a safe manner.

Ages 10+ can throw
Anyone ages 10+ can throw axes. Parents and guardians must sign for participants under 18 years of age. Participants under the age of 16 require a guardian present at all times.

It’s casual
Ax Men recommends comfortable loose fitting clothing for flexibility and closed toed shoes are mandatory.

You can:
• bring your own axe: however, the trainers will need to approve your axe onsite. The head must be approximately 1.5 lbs and the handle is no longer than 22 inches.
• bring your own food: they also have various snacks, and an assortment of menus from local restaurants if you would like to order in.
• have alcoholic drinks: Az Men is a licensed facility and have a selection of beer and coolers for your enjoyment.

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Location and Hours

Ax Men is located at 5 Ontario Street, Unit C, in Orillia (just over an hour north of Toronto).
Phone: (705) 325-1274

Monday to Thursday: By Appointment Only
Friday: 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Saturday: 2:00pm – 10:00pm
Sunday: 2:00pm – 6:00pm

If you are in Ontario Lake Country, be sure to stop in and throw some axes!

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Disclaimer: Our axe throwing experience was covered by Ax Men Axe Throwing, and organized by Ontario’s Lake Country. All opinions are my own.

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