Avoid These Most Common Pet Travel Mistakes

Avoid These Most Common Pet Travel Mistakes
25 Mar 2022

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Traveling can be stressful. You have to make sure you book the right flights, pack your luggage properly, and get to the airport on time so you can make your flight. This can be especially nerve-wracking when you are travelling with pets. Here are several common mistakes to avoid while travelling with your furry friend.

Waiting until the last minute to book your trip

There is more to plan when travelling with a pet. You need to pick the right flight and know the airline’s specific pet policy, if you need to rent a car you need to pick a rental agency that will allow pets to travel in their vehicles, a pet-friendly hotel. There is a lot more to think about and book. Don’t wait to book your holiday. “Once you decide on a place, start booking it immediately” advises Mark Drain, a travel writer at Lia Help.

Not leaving enough time to train your pet for travelling

When you are travelling with your dog, you need to leave time to train them to be a good in-flight guest. Making sure they know how to walk on leash loosely, not jumping on people, lying quietly in quiet places, are all important skills that your dog needs to have down pat. No pet will be 100% perfect the whole time, but you can reduce the stress for you and your other travellers by doing your part and working with them early.

Not having a vet health check-up before you leave

Thinking of flying internationally for a holiday in a foreign country? Your pet will need to have a clean bill of health and that means scheduling a visit to your vet for a complete check-up. Your vet will make sure to help you with the proper documentation and be sure that your pet is in good health before you travel. It is also a good time to stock up on any pet medication that your furry friend will need while away on holiday with you.

Most countries have a post-entry check where they will examine your pet for signs of disease, and if they look unwell, they will keep them for extra days in quarantine, so be sure to not skip your vet visit.

Buying a non-IATA-compliant pet crate

Everyone wants to travel thriftily but if you are travelling with a pet, making sure you get a crate that is IATA compliant and new is essential. Your pet’s life could be at stake, and you want them to be safe during your travel. Airlines are incredibly picky when it comes to pet crates and if it does not conform to the IATA standards, they will not board your pet. It’s that simple.

A used crate isn’t recommended for hygiene reasons. The crate must be sturdy, well-ventilated, and your pet must be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down in comfortably.

Make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to purchase a crate, either. Getting early is helpful for your pet so he or she can get used to being inside it. Crate training is important so your pet can feel comfortable, safe, and be unfazed by travelling in its crate.

Forgetting to keep your pet’s food or medicines handy during travel

If you and your furry friend are travelling for a long time, they will need food and their medicines. Remember to attach the food and the medicine to the travelling crate for your pet to eat during your layover. Instructions for the correct dosage must be included with your pet’s medication. Don’t worry, airline staff will ensure your pet has access to the food and medicine during layovers.

Updating your pet’s microchip

If you are travelling internationally, then a microchip is essential. Custom officials scan the microchip in order to retrieve your pet’s details. Make sure your contact details are all up to date in case your pet gets lost it can be returned to its rightful owner.

These are the most common mistakes to avoid while travelling with your pet. Your planned holiday will be more fun and run smoother for you both.

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