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Originally from the US, Maria has been living abroad for the last 5+ years in Scotland, Ireland, and now Albania. She studied sport at university and holds a Master of Science degree, but ended up following her other passion of travel for work. Now Maria blogs about alternative ways to travel like work exchange and encourages travelers to go beyond the guidebook. After her first visit to Albania in 2019, she fell in love with the nature, food, and friendly people, so much so that she moved in 2021 and now writes guides on Albania to help others visit.

3 Best Places To Visit In Albania For A Short Trip
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3 Best Places To Visit In Albania For A Short Trip

Image by falco from Pixabay If you are wanting to visit Albania, but only have a few days, there are still 3 great itineraries that you can do. Albania is a small Balkan country so the main arriving flights are into the capital of Tirana. There is another airport that was just built in the small mountain town of Kukes, but there aren’t many flights...

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12 May 2023