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A recovering broadcast journalist that vowed never to work in public relations, Lyndon has spent the last 15 years helping businesses to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time and using the most effective delivery channel.  He is the founder of THINK DIFFERENT [LY], a public relations company that makes PR affordable, effective and accountable to entrepreneurs and hopes that one day all agencies will work this way.

Small Business. Big Vision. @THINK_Lyndon
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Small Business. Big Vision. @THINK_Lyndon

Listen to most startup entrepreneurs and commentators on the industry and you’ll hear them talk about the importance of things like “the hustle”, the importance of the investor pitch decks and the pivot. Funding is, it appears, the holy grail for the majority of startups: everybody is looking for somebody else’s money to enable them to build the next Facebook, Google or Apple, yet few...

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20 Jan 2014