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Diana Wills is a freelance writer and a Biochemistry graduate. Besides her Ph.D. studies, she has a special interest in writing about a healthy lifestyle, family wellness, and self-care. She’s a regular contributor at and, along with many other online publications. Her case-study articles on healthy nutrition and family wellness topics were featured on relevant websites from the niche and her current projects are focused on child development news and research.

Backpacking Guide for a Family Hike and Trip Outdoors
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Backpacking Guide for a Family Hike and Trip Outdoors

When you’re looking for an opportunity to go on a trip that will strengthen your family bonds, improve your physical and mental health, and allow you to gain some new experiences together in a budget-friendly manner, outdoor trips and hiking adventures sound ideal! But in order to make the most out of this family getaway, it’s crucial that every member of your family packs properly...

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30 Mar 2020