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About: Andrew Hoffman

Andrew Hoffman is a freelance writer and journalist from Los Angeles, CA, who has written on behalf of a range of clients including the Livestrong Network and Demand Media. In addition to writing about a range of topics, he enjoys playing basketball and cooking in his spare time.

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Healthy Lifestyle: 3 Tips for Ensuring Long-Term Fertility

When you’re getting ready to start a family, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your body and your mind need to be in great shape when you’re ready to conceive, so you can start raising a strong, prosperous family. For long-term fertility and wellness, women who Continue Reading

How Does Packaging Design Influence Buying Decisions?

Packaging Design While companies invest significant time and resources into brand development, marketing, and advertising, a product’s distinct packaging may make an important first impression to customers in-store. So, what goes into well-branded packaging? How much does overall design influence a customer’s buying decisions? Let’s take a look at some key strategies that industry leaders Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why CrossFit Outcompetes Traditional Workouts

CrossFit has evolved over the past two decades to become the ultimate high-intensity interval training workout for everyone from beginners to elite athletes. CrossFit’s combination of strength training and calisthenics, among many other exercise disciplines, make it an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to get fit and in shape. While there are many Continue Reading

Motoring: Renting the Right Car for Your Honeymoon

Your wedding and your honeymoon are the two times in your life when you will want every detail to be perfect. You already planned to have the hottest music, the tastiest cake, and the most beautiful gown during the ceremony, so likewise you shouldn’t neglect the small luxuries that you deserve during your first special Continue Reading

How a Local Business Can Benefit from Social Media in 2017

Let’s face facts: Successful businesses and social media are practically inseparable. For many, a strong social media presence is seen as going the extra mile, or as something that only the “big” businesses can engage in on any meaningful level. The reality is that social media matters a lot, more than the majority of people Continue Reading

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