Down Under: 5 Exciting Spots to Check Out on Your Aussie Getaway

Down Under: 5 Exciting Spots to Check Out on Your Aussie Getaway
07 Jun 2019

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Romantic getaways might just be the best parts of relationships. There’s nothing better than getting away from the worries of daily life with your love. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond and strengthen your relationship, as well as to learn something new about each other. There are many countries suitable for getaways, but Australia takes the cake. There is simply something for everyone here, guaranteeing you’ll have a better time than you imagined possible.

Waterfall Australia

1. Daylesford, Victoria

Those looking for the perfect place to unwind and escape the stress of daily life should come to Daylesford. If you feel like your flame is flickering, you’ll be able to work on it here. After all, this place is famous for its mineral spas and wellness treatments. There are also plenty of natural springs you can explore.

The scenery and your surroundings will relax your body completely, allowing your mind to focus on romance. Daylesford may have healing powers for your body, but what it will actually heal and strengthen is your love.

Cradle Mountain Tasmania Australia

2. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Tasmania is one place known for its unspoilt and wild nature. If you’re fans of the outdoors, this is the perfect place to enjoy each other and nature. Cradle Mountain, in particular, is popular amongst couples because it offers unique accommodation opportunities. You won’t know what privacy is until you stay here.

Don’t just stay cooped up in your room, though. There are many trails to discover, and a mountain top to see. If you’re lucky, you may even encounter native wildlife on your walking or hiking trail.

Heart Reef Queensland Australia

3. Heart Reef, Queensland

It seems like the Heart Reef is shaped for romance. If you and yours like marine life and are positively mesmerized by the colours of the ocean, this is the place for you. You’ll simply get to enjoy the best the Great Barrier Reef has to offer. Don’t miss the opportunities to experience the deep blue underworld yourself, by booking a snorkelling or scuba diving tour.

Those who are ready for the next step in their relationship should considering proposing here. It would surely be a memory you’ll both cherish forever. It may seem a little bit cliché, but the best clichés are built on romance.

Bondi Beach Australia

4. Northern Beaches, Sydney

Sydney is basically Australian Paris. This is one of the most romantic locations you can visit with your love. Filled with cultural monuments, mesmerizing architecture, and crystal clear waters, Sydney is a city that will never leave you bored. It’s surrounded by the most secluded and romantic locations, too. The Northern Beaches are one of them.

Here, you’ll get to enjoy the sunset with your love by your side, while the brisk and salty air reminds you how beautiful the sea is. Those looking for a destination wedding location will be thrilled to know that this is one of the most popular places to get married. Northern Beaches wedding venues are among the most appealing and most sought after in the entire country. It is their charm and picturesqueness that has awarded them this title.

Hunter Valley New South Wales Australia

5. Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Another location in New South Wales, Hunter Valley is famous for its prestigious dining options. You’ll get to spend the whole time wrapped in the scenery of the surrounding vineyards, enjoying every moment with your significant other. Don’t miss out on trying the best wines Australia has to offer while also revelling in the romantic setting.

Accommodation is extremely important in Hunter Valley, as it can offer the air of intimacy and romance you’re aiming for. This is why couples usually opt for villas or cottages. The best part of Hunter Valley really is nature. It is living proof that not all the human hand touches needs to be ruined.

Koala Bear Australia


As you can see, there are many things to do and see in Australia. Whether you’re scouting wedding locations or just enjoying each other’s company, you can be sure that the Down Under will accommodate you perfectly. Get ready for the most romantic adventure of your lifetime.

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