Arrested for Driving Under the Influence? Hire a Lawyer Now!

Arrested for Driving Under the Influence? Hire a Lawyer Now!
22 Apr 2020

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While you didn’t set out to find yourself arrested, that’s the way things turned out. Now you’re facing a possible conviction for impaired driving or driving under the influence. The smartest move you can make now is to hire a DUI lawyer and get ready to face the judge. Why do you need a lawyer? Here are four good reasons to consider.

DUI Laws are Not Your Forte

Up to now, you’ve never needed to know anything about current DUI laws. The only perception you have is what you’ve seen in movies and on television. Since those productions were all about entertainment, they aren’t exactly chock-full of facts about the way the courts work.

What you need is someone who knows what laws are in place and how they are likely to apply in your case. The only way to gain access to that type of information is by working with a lawyer.

Assessing the Actions of the Arresting Officer Isn’t Among Your Talents Either

Your legal counsel is good for a lot more than helping you understand current DUI laws. Arresting officers have specific protocols they have to follow in order to detail and arrest anyone. Your lawyer will know how officers are supposed to conduct themselves, up to and including the grounds needed to approach someone on the suspicion of impaired driving or driving under the influence.

Why does this matter? If there were not grounds for approaching you in the first place or if the officer failed to follow the protocols required by law, the charges may not stand. Since you don’t know any more about what the arresting officer is supposed to do than you know about DUI laws, you need a lawyer who can objectively evaluate what was said and done.

You Need Help to Understand Court Procedures

The reality in a court of law is not what you see in the movies. No one understands that better than your legal counsel. In order for you to grasp how things will be done and what you should do while in court with your lawyer, it’s important to listen closely to what your legal counsel has to say. Keep in mind that your demeanor in the courtroom will have some impact on what the court decides.

And Also Help Understanding How Your Case Could Turn Out

This is a time when you need facts rather than hopes. Your lawyer can provide you with a good idea of how your case could play out. Expect your lawyer to be firm and specific about what could happen. That ranges from the best-case scenario to the most severe result.

Along with going over the possible decisions by the court, you will also get a good idea of what sort of punitive measures may be ordered by the judge. This is not intended to scare you; the lawyer’s intent is to prepare you for what might happen and allow you time to make the necessary arrangements.

The bottom line is that you need a DUI lawyer in order to deal with the potential of a conviction. Contact and hire legal counsel as quickly as you can. Doing so will help you realize the serious nature of the charges and how they could affect you now and for the rest of your life.

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