Are You Lying To Yourself About Health?

Are You Lying To Yourself About Health?
04 Nov 2021

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Nobody likes the idea of having something wrong with them. From a minor cold to a lasting issue like hearing loss, we would all prefer to take preventative steps over having to face these realities. Unfortunately, health doesn’t always stay on the straight and narrow, making professional treatment and sometimes ongoing oversight necessary to, if not address issues, at least help to prevent their escalation. In reality, though, this help will always remain out of reach if we don’t admit to ourselves that there’s a problem.

Largely down to fear, we’re surprisingly good at telling ourselves that nothing is going on, even if all the signs are there. Worryingly, the longer that serious or small health niggles remain unchecked as a result of this, the more harmful they can prove in the long run. So, instead of continuing to bury your head, it’s past time that you looked out for these signs you’re lying to yourself about what’s really happening with your health.

1. Talking issues down

Do you convince yourself that your sensitive teeth are because of your diet rather than an issue with your oral health? Do you assume that aches and pains are because of that short walk you took rather than a deficiency? You certainly wouldn’t be alone, with most of us preferring to pin things down to something smaller. The trouble is that, if you’ve been doing this for a few months, it’s a pretty sure sign you’re masking a bigger problem. Luckily, getting a checkup could well find your doctor agreeing that it’s nothing, in which case everyone wins. However, without getting seen, you have no way of knowing whether you’re right about the causes of these issues or not.

2. Avoiding research

In this age of Dr. Google, we all love to make our own diagnosis. However, if something’s going on that you don’t want to admit to, you may find yourself avoiding even this medical go-to in place of ignorance. This isn’t a problem in and of itself considering that online diagnosis isn’t the most accurate, but it’s still worth noting that online resources like hearing test faqs and symptom lists for serious conditions like cancer can help you to either rule out, or pursue, lines of treatment. If you aren’t even giving your symptoms enough space to research, then you’re clearly afraid of something that could end up costing you.

3. Not being honest with others

We’ve all told the ‘I’m fine,’ fib if someone’s asked us how we are when we’re feeling a little under the weather, but lying to others more extremely can be another telling sign that you’re keeping health from yourself somehow. If you avoid mentioning things like significant aches, headaches, or tinnitus, even if directly asked why you seem distracted, etc., then it’s certainly a sign that you already know that other people will advise you towards professional help. And, if you know that in your bones, then it’s probably past time that you did something about it.

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