Safer Community Roads: Allstate Takes Action!

Safer Community Roads: Allstate Takes Action!
14 Dec 2018

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Allstate Canada. All opinions are my own.

Allstate Canada has released their 10th Annual Safe Driving Study and is taking action to make communities safer. Over the last 10 years, Allstate Canada has been committed to safe driving and is studying how safe our roads are. Each year, they report on which provinces and cities have had poor results, and where improvements have been made that year.

allstate takes action contest

Allstate Canada wants to hear from you!

Do you have a suggestion to help make our neighbourhood roads better? Submit your safety improvement ideas for your community and have a chance to win 1 of 4 $1,000 gas cards.

Allstate Canada will choose up to three ideas to be implemented.

Enter the “Allstate Takes Action” contest now!

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In 2017, Oakville ranked 53rd of the 93 cities studied for the report. Even though we improved from the 2016 ranking, there is a lot we need to do to make our town’s roads safer.

A Cultural Change

Our local councillor, Sean O’Meara (Ward 1 Regional and Town Councillor, Oakville), would like to see speeds calculated for roads based on the characteristics of the neighbourhood:

“Residential Speed limits should be varied and not solely based on a one-size fits all program. We must ensure that pedestrians and all road users not only are safe, but feel safe on our roads. As I state, the odds of serious injury and fatalities are demonstrably higher at the 50km/hr speed. We owe it to our residents to ensure that their safety is the number one priority.”

allstate speed hump

Speed Humps in School Zones

School zones have long been a concern. Anything from drivers travelling too fast, to disobeying the flashing red lights on school buses, to frantic parents wanting to drop off or pick up as fast as possible and putting others in danger. Although they cannot control the on school property traffic violations, speed humps will generally slow traffic down considerably in front of schools.

I am a huge supporter of controlling speeds around schools. Adding more of these speed humps in front of schools across Canada will ensure that drivers keep their speed in check when travelling in school zones.

allstate traffic calming sign

Traffic Calming Signs

Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Signs have begun popping up all over our town, and I am loving them. They are an instant notification to drivers of exactly how fast they are going, and in case of high speed, a bright white light flashes telling them to slow down. The bright light almost looks like the bright lights on an emergency vehicle.

Halton Regional Chair, Gary Carr, is a big supporter of this initiative:

“We want to make sure that Halton continues to be the safest Regional municipality in Canada and these traffic calming signs help us keep our roads safe. The signs are a useful tool that grabs the attention of speeding drivers with a reminder to slow down, which helps improve safety for everyone on our roads.”

I’ve always been the type to know when an idea is a good one, to run with it. We can come up with all kinds of ideas, but improving on an existing one can be just as good, if not better.

It has been my observation that vehicle activated traffic calming signs are installed in areas of concern, and then rotated to other areas after a few months. While this helps during that time, once the signs are removed and moved elsewhere, the constant reminder is no longer there. In today’s age of distracted driving, having that reminder is so important.

I would love to see communities across Canada install these signs in all school zones and other areas of concerns… permanently. I know, they cost money. But somehow, so many other initiatives get approved that just don’t seem as important as the safety of our drivers on the roads in our communities. We need these reminders.

allstate Two Drivers Arguing After Traffic Accident

What areas need improvement?

This year’s 2018 Safe Driving Study Results show the areas that we all need to improve:

• Ontario is home to both the community with the lowest 10-year average collision frequency rate, as well as the one with the highest.
• Hanmer had the lowest 10-year average collision frequency rate at 3.1% (#1 / 64).
• North York had the highest 10-year average collision frequency rate at 7.1% (#64 / 64).
• Freaky Friday? Friday has been the worst day for driving across the country for the entire decade, recording the highest number of collisions
• Are people following too closely? The most frequent collisions reported over the past 10 years are rear-ended cars, followed by turning and intersection accidents and parked vehicle fender-benders
• December – February are the worst months to drive during the year with the highest number of collisions reported
• Sunday is the safest day to drive with the lowest number of collisions reported
• The days leading up to Christmas have been historically the worst days to drive, with December 23rd consistently ranking as the worst
• Christmas Day is the safest day to drive, with the least collisions reported
• The most severe collisions reported over the past 10 years involve head-on collisions and pedestrian or cyclist accidents

allstate police woman

Got ideas?

Don’t forget to submit your safety improvement ideas for your community and have a chance to win 1 of 4 $1,000 gas cards. Enter the “Allstate Takes Action” contest now!

And be sure to check out Allstate Canada’s 10th Annual Safe Driving Study.

Stay safe!

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