Allstate Canada Drivewise App: Saves You Money and Helps You Become a Better Driver

Allstate Canada Drivewise App: Saves You Money and Helps You Become a Better Driver
17 May 2019

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Allstate Canada. All opinions are my own.

Distracted driving, aggressive driving and stunt driving fill my news feeds every night. It is shocking how many people drive like there is no one else on the road or just don’t seem to care. The behaviours of these drivers shouldn’t mean higher insurance rates for all drivers.

Earlier this month a driver was stopped for speeding 47km/h over in a community safety zone. On top of $694 ticket, the driver also served a 3-day license suspension after roadside alcohol test resulted in an ‘alert’.

Around the same time a woman in her 50s was clocked going 166km/hr on Hwy 407 in Burlington, Ontario. When Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the OPP asked why she was going so fast she replied, “I guess I just felt like a kid again.”

Not only is this type of driving dangerous for the people driving, but it is also dangerous to everyone else that is on the road with these drivers.

While most of us don’t drive like these examples, you can have a perfectly good driving record and still have terrible driving habits.

Allstate Canada is committed to making a positive difference across the country by advocating for safety, social responsibility and by giving back to the people and communities in which it operates. They have partnered with organizations such as MADD Canada, United Way and Junior Achievement.

allstate drivewise app on dash board while parked in driveway

Allstate Drivewise encourages drivers to improve their driving habits.

For over 65 years Allstate Canada has shared expert knowledge, experience and advice with Canadians to help best protect their personal and family financial assets.

Allstate Canada’s Drivewise is a free app available for download on both Apple and Android devices, that gives drivers the chance to save up to 30% on their auto insurance if they demonstrate safe driving behaviours.

The Drivewise app shows drivers information about each trip that they take and reports back on:
• Harsh or extreme braking events
• Excessive speed
• Time of day

It also shows your trip plotted out on a map with any of the above events and the exact locations where they happened to help you identify potential problem areas. It also monitors the time of day that you drive as some times are considered riskier than others. See below for this handy chart on risky driving times.

Feedback from Drivewise App

The app reports the following information back to the driver: distance, duration, speeding and braking.

Think of this feature like a fitness tracking app for your car. It keeps track of your exact route and maps it out for you, which shows in your drive recap.

Since most of my driving is commuting to and from the GO train station and weekend driving, the duration of my trips are not usually that long. However, in the summer I drive a lot more to various campgrounds.

While distance and duration are not factored into the scoring algorithm, I still found the information useful for my own awareness.

Harsh Braking
This feature keeps track of hard braking and notes instances for each trip. The Drivewise app showed that on several occasions I was braking too hard and in some cases more than once per trip. When looking at these instances most of them were when I was catching up to slower traffic. Knowing this I have tried to leave more space to allow for more stopping distance.

This feature shows red in places where you did in excess of 125kms/h. You would most likely only get flagged for this on the highway. I usually stay within 5kms of the speed limit at all times, except in school zones where I do not exceed the speed limit whatsoever. I was not flagged for speeding in the Drivewise app.

allstate drivewaise app estimated discount

One Month Drivewise Usage Report

The data generated by the app is used to calculate an ‘Earned Discount’ for those enrolled in the Drivewise program. After using the Drivewise app for one month I was able to see that I was eligible for a 23% discount.

allstate drivewaise app driving stats

Pros and Cons of the Drivewise App

• You can see the results of each trip you take as soon as you are finished the trip
• You can mark yourself as a passenger if you are on public transport or not the driver, or you can turn the tracking feature off
• If you are an Allstate customer you can save up to 30% on your auto insurance if you demonstrate safe driving
• Your rates cannot go up based on the feedback from this app

• The Drivewise app uses your cellphone data to track your rides (see below)
• The app sometimes takes a minute to kick in after your drive has already started as it doesn’t start tracking until you are moving at 25km/hr or more
• Hard acceleration is not monitored by the app

allstate drivewise app looking at driving

Cellular Data Usage

The Drivewise app cannot run without using data. Data usage will depend on how often and how far you drive each day. For example, if your average driving distance is 30km per day you would use 3mb of data, which translates into 90mb of data per month. This would be equivalent to:

• Sending and receiving 100 texts/emails, with attachments.
• Browsing the web for four hours without downloading pictures or videos.
• Using Waze or Google Maps for one hour.
• Streaming music for approximately one hour and 20 minutes.

Once the trip has been completed the location service turns off, which minimizes battery consumption.

allstate drivewise app harsh braking


Overall, the Drivewise app makes me conscious of areas where I need to improve my driving by pinpointing my bad habits. It shows me exact instances of when I may have not been driving the safest. All of these things I noted are simple fixes I can make that will not only save my brakes, but it will also make me a safer driver.

Allstate customers using the Drivewise app can also save up to 30% on their auto insurance. I can’t think of a better reason to use this free resource. Even if you are not a current customer you can still try out the app with TESTDrivewise.

allstate drivewise app download

Download Drivewise Today

Drivewise and TESTDrivewise are currently available in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta and will be launching in Quebec come summer 2019. To download Drivewise or TESTDrivewise, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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