Adventures all Over the World to Enjoy with Your Family

Adventures all Over the World to Enjoy with Your Family
05 Jul 2019

If you have a family, then planning a vacation can be quite an undertaking. With different opinions, ideas, wants, (and attitudes); there can be a lot to think about. But when the world is your oyster, and it very well can be, then there are some really magical experiences that you as a family will be able to enjoy. Think about riding camels with the Saharan sunrise, kayaking by dolphins, zip-lining over Costa Rican rainforests, swimming over a coral reef, and exploring glaciers in Iceland. No matter what age your children are, if you are looking for an adventure, then experiencing the world’s playground as a family can be so exciting.

Children do tend to be less bothered by the typical guide book ‘must sees,’ unless they are teens that are well into Instagram, so you can take them to a whole host of places that they can really enjoy, and plan it all for them to go away on some exciting adventures. Families do come in all different shapes, sizes and budgets. Not to mention tastes and the things that everyone likes to enjoy will be a bit different. You might have family members that enjoy cycling tours, camping, cookery classes, or hiking; there are so many options. So here are some ideas to help you plan your next family adventure.

Animal education

If you have children that are animal lovers, or you want them to experience something really unique, then an adventure involving in animals is a great idea (done in their natural environment, of course). A safari in South Africa is usually a great idea for families, especially if you have older children. Kruger Park is a natural choice, but there are some smaller reserves like KwaZulu-Natal province that can offer the same, as well as be a great base for a nature-loving family. It is like an experience like no other, especially seeing those amazing creatures in their completely natural environment.


If generally being outdoors is your thing as a family, and you like to keep things quite low budget too, then camping is a really natural choice. The canyonlands of America’s south-west are a great place for outdoor adventures and camping, giving you lots of fun under the stars. You can do it yourself, or take an organized tour, especially around locations like Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, the Valley of Fire and the Grand Canyon. The weather is great in these locations too, so it is something that you could do pretty much all year round, if you wanted some slightly cooler temperatures in the winter.

Natural Wonders

If you are looking for a place to visit that is unlike anywhere else on the planet, the ‘land of fire and ice’ can be a must on your bucket list. Iceland is utterly stunning in winter, with its thermal hot springs, mud pools and geysers, all alongside the frozen landscape. You could even look to do some outdoor adventures like horse riding, taking to the sea to look for killer whales, exploring Reykjavik, and possibly the chance to look out for the Northern Lights.

Open Water

Getting out on the open water can be something that a lot of people look to do on a family adventure. But with so many choices, where do you start? To start off with, you could look for the best boat club to hire a boat from. Then you could head out for the day by yourself. Places like Lake Powell in Arizona can be a great place for a beach and watersport kind of vacation. A little further afield, though, places like the Greek islands are perfect for getting out on the water, as well as south of France being a good location for boat trips.


If you are looking for a family adventure that can involve some hiking, then heading to the mountains is a really good idea. Somewhere like Morocco is much more than lounging by the pool and shopping in the souks. There are also the peaks of the Atlas mountain that make for a great mountaineering destination (most likely to work with teenagers rather than younger children). You could start off in Marrakesh to explore, and then hike through the steep valleys and orange groves, and spotting some of the traditional fishing villages. A location like this can be a really good idea for something completely different for all of the family’ just imagine the sights, sounds, and smells.

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