Construction 101: The Basics and the Advantages of Reconstruction

Construction 101: The Basics and the Advantages of Reconstruction
05 Feb 2021

Urban areas suffer from paucity of space and thus construction of new structures be it residences, complexes or commercial buildings, sometimes becomes a distant probability. This space crunch can be effectively solved by the reconstruction and redevelopment of old buildings. While dilapidated buildings on the verge of collapse and abandoned structures are the obvious choice, there are times when even people living in houses want their property to be redeveloped.

What is Reconstruction

Reconstruction or redevelopment refers to a new construction that is done on the site of a pre-existing construction. This is done either by the complete demolition of the older structure and building up a new structure or demolishing parts of the older structure and carrying out construction on the base of the older construction. This demolition and reconstruction has to be done based on the approvals from the required government agencies of the countries and states. Commercial construction companies with expert general contractors helps out in this process.

Reconstruction projects can be generally divided into the following variants:

• Urban infill which is done on previously developed spaces so as to change the nature of the construction and its original use,

• Reconstruction done with the sole aim of a denser usage of land for example the development of a row of adjoining houses into a single large apartment building,

• Adaptive reuse wherein older existing constructions are reconstructed to adapt them for use as something which is different from its original use.

Reconstruction of rooms

Advantages of Reconstruction

There are several advantages associated with the reconstruction of buildings, structures and commercial spaces. Some of the important advantages are:

• Greater sustainability: With reconstruction, it is possible to breathe new life into an old building. With the installation of modern amenities and use of fresh raw materials, a construction company can ensure a certain amount of timelessness to the building by making it more sustainable and liveable.

• Enables faster financial transactions: The repair of old buildings might not warrant financial help from the concerned institutions but reconstruction makes it easier to undergo any type of financial transaction with it. Hence getting loans, buying and selling become easier with reconstruction which makes an old building look almost like new.

• Good business opportunity: With availability of land being a major hurdle in the development of new structures and buildings, reconstruction offers construction companies a chance to realize better profits. It is thus an extremely good business opportunity for most construction company owners.

• Win-win situation: The reconstruction of old buildings and premises results in a win-win situation for both the construction developer as well as the owner of the building. Both the buyer and seller thus stand to make a huge profit from the transaction provided it is done following the rules and regulations as set by the state.

• Better space utilization: It is generally seen that old buildings were constructed on large areas of land with ample space left within and outside the building. This space which either had no utility or was used for some frivolous activity can be effectively used with the help of reconstruction techniques thereby resulting in better utilization of available space, greater comfort for people staying in it, reduction in the utility bills, lesser carbon footprint etc.

The repair of older buildings with regards to the common damages suffered by it like seepage and leaking pipes, weak foundation and cracking walls etc., might not be a feasible option either by way of longevity or finances concerned. This is because repair only increases the work of a building by about another 3 to 4 years. In direct contrast, reconstruction makes an old building seem like new for all practical purpose thereby making it economically viable and also bringing about a good increase in longevity.


Gary Bizek

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