A Visit With Santa

A Visit With Santa
20 Dec 2013

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The girls have been fairly good this year. There have been a few hiccups, but they are young, and make mistakes.

One of the highlights for them, is taking them to see Santa each year, and getting their photo taken after they have told him what is on their Christmas wish list. Wendy and I met very close to Christmas (in 1999), so it is a special time for us.

Here’s the issue… we have yet to get a picture with Santa that we loved. We have liked them, but never loved them. The reason? It is a business for malls. Having Santa there is a revenue stream. Packed malls of everyone spending excessive amounts of money, and they charge for photos… and the photos aren;t even good! I’ve taken the kids to many malls, and it is the same thing. Some of the Santa’s are more realistic looking, but the photos are always bad.

One year, we went to 3 different places hoping to get a better picture than the previous. All were bad.

I get it… the photographers are rushed, so they can;t concentrate on getting that perfect shot. Also, what they may feel is good may not be what the parent wants.

This year, we decided to take them to the local mall by our home, South Oakville Centre (formerly Hopedale Mall). The map is undergoing a huge makeover. With the addition of Target and a new food court, it has attracted a lot of new vendors. Hopefully, the customer traffic (which has always been low) will increase.

We walked in, and went to center court (where Santa usually is). The first thing I noticed was that there was no photographer set up in front of Santa. My first thought… AWESOME!

Out comes the iPhone5, and I can take many pictures that I feel are good for us.

Here are the shots I took

santa 1

santa 2

Are they professional? No. But we love them.

I think more malls should follow in South Oakville Centre’s footsteps.

What do you think is better:

1. Having a photographer take the picture and then paying for it;
2. Get rid of the photographer altogether, and let parents take their own pictures

Would love to read your feedback.

Big Daddy

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