A Simple Guide to Hotel Etiquette

A Simple Guide to Hotel Etiquette
10 Dec 2021

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It’s easy to be a good guest at a hotel. However, some guests seem to forget that they’re not in their homes.

Vacations, or staying at a hotel, can be a time to relax because you’re in a home setting. But, it’s not a ticket to act without considering other guests or even the staff’s time and work.

Speaking of hotel staff, they are considered essential workers. Let your stay at a hotel become a time to thank workers for the service they provide. Often, hotel guests make work difficult for hotel workers. While you are entitled to their service, considering you’ve paid for your stay, it’s not an excuse to mistreat them or act as if you own them.

Here are some tips on being a good hotel guest on your next travel and offering the same courtesy that a hotel will provide for you.

Be Polite to the Staff

The first and most important attitude you can show to hotel staff is politeness and courteousness. In fact, according to Diane Gottsman, modern manners and etiquette expert, it’s easy to forget how to show these good characteristics after a long trip, but it must still be practiced. Here are some ways and reminders to be polite to those who serve you.

Hotels ensure they can provide the best service even before you arrive. They prepare your room, so it can be clean, cozy, and has everything you need. This is the main reason why hotels maintain check-in time. Because of this, be a good guest and inform them if you’re going to be early or late.

There’s no problem if you’re going to be early. However, if you arrive at the hotel without calling them first, you could be told to wait in the lobby for hours. Informing them of your early arrival beforehand can help them make arrangements, so you don’t have to be stuck in the lobby for long periods.

Showing your appreciation is also a sign of politeness and courtesy. Always thank those who serve you and tip when necessary.

However, don’t talk down to workers who make mistakes. Be polite about making your complaints. They will be handled better if you’re mindful of the people who serve you.

Don’t Be a Diva or Rockstar

Guests are the reason why hotels exist. Because of this, they value every guest that enters their establishment, even those who misbehave. However, this is not a reason to act like a diva or rockstar. You are, anyway, not the only guest they must attend to.

According to Conde Nast Traveller, if you must make demands, align it with the kind of establishment that you’re staying in. If you’re at a five-star hotel, staff are trained at serving demanding guests. However, if you’re at a family-run bed and breakfast, maybe you can be more considerate about the old couple at the front desk.

A secret to avoiding being a diva or rockstar is to practice kindness. Ask nicely if you want something done or you need something to be brought to your room. It doesn’t hurt you to be thoughtful of the staff’s effort into serving you. You might even get perks when you ask nicely.

Respect Hotel Property

Finally, respect hotel property. There are two ways on how you can do this.

First, when staying at a hotel, don’t be a slob. The hotel you’re staying in is just a temporary home while you’re away from yours. Keep it tidy and organized.

If you’re on an adventure tour and expect your shoes and clothes to be messy after a trip, make sure to use custom-fit rubber floor mats in your car. This way, all the dirt can be caught by your car’s floor coverings. This will minimize the dirt you can bring to your hotel room.

Second, don’t take stuff in your hotel room, home. Toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, soap, and tissue are freebies. Bathrobes, drinking glasses, bath towels, clothes hangers, and hairdryers are not for free. Some hotels give away slippers, though.
If you want more freebies, you can ask the hotel staff. You can even get more if you’ve been treating them nicely since you checked in.

You’ll Enjoy Your Stay More

Not all hotels are rated five stars. For those with less than three stars, poor quality of service is the leading factor attributed to their low rating. While travelers can be guided by ratings when seeking accommodations, hotels have no way of telling who is a bad guest, unfortunately.

What these all mean is that if you’re a good hotel guest, you’ll enjoy your stay even better and foster good host and guest relations.

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