A Dream Come True for This Beer League Player

A Dream Come True for This Beer League Player
03 Feb 2012

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Every year, people look forward to Superbowl Sunday. Some to watch their team win it all, some to hopefully see a great game on the gridiron, and some just to get together for beer and wings with friends. However, there are those select few that tune in for the commercials.

Superbowl commercials have become so popular, most have been posted to YouTube, and receive insane amounts of views following Superbowl Sunday. Those are the commercials that appear in the US feed. For us Canucks, we get the Canadian commercials, which are never as good.

Enter Budweiser Canada.

Yesterday, I received this message from my buddy Ameer Khan.

Then he sent me this:

So I watched it. At first, I didn’t get it. Ameer is the GM at Acura Sherway. It was a Budweiser commercial. Not Acura.

Here’s the commercial:

Oh. My. God.

Ameer is #27 on the Generals (the white team). At one point, you see him high 5 the mascot (1:30 mark), and a bit later, he skates off towards the fans with his hands and stick held high, soaking it all in (1:47 mark).

Two local hockey teams got to feel like pros.

Then I realized something. This was a commercial by a company that makes beer… yet there was no beer in the commercial, nor was the beer mentioned. Bud’s logo was present on the mics, and on the banner’s that were displayed once the flash fans were in place. The last 5 seconds of the video, a message from Budweiser – “Why not grab some Buds?” I’m not gonna lie… that was a pretty emotional video. As a hockey fan, and a die-hard Canadian (I was born on Canada Day), it was amazing to see the looks on the player’s faces.

Now… was this a great move by Budweiser? Will this commercial be effective? Will this video go viral? To me, it doesn’t matter. I thought it was a great commercial, and a great concept. The fact it made such a positive a impact on the members of 2 local hockey teams, it makes it a huge win for everyone that has a personal attachment… the members of the teams, their family and friends, and those that wish they were in their shoes.. or in this case, their skates.

We only got to see 2 minutes. The players got to experience much more than that. The memories of that day in December will remain with them forever. I know the emotional impact it had on Ameer. He feels like a star… and it was Budweiser that made it possible.

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  1. I think that commercial is so beautiful – it really is! It’s REAL and effective too! My kind of message! I can only imagine how it made those players feel!

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