A Day of Shopping before heading to Disney World

A Day of Shopping before heading to Disney World
08 Nov 2013

We woke up around 7am… which may seem kinda early after a 24 hour drive. The girls did not want to waste a lot of time sleeping… they were excited to get their day started.

After a great breakfast, we checked out of the Fairfield Inn & Suites, and headed to Premium Outlets in Orlando.

We stopped in at the Disney Character Warehouse. There were lots of discounted items. We picked up a couple autograph books and some Christmas tree ornaments.

and then the girls wanted to go into Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory. This place had every candy imaginable!

While Wendy was in a shop, the girls sat to enjoy their candy pops

It was approaching noon, and we were all feeling hungry. I quickly hopped online to check for a local place to eat. I noticed I had a notification on Facebook.

There’s nothing better than a recommendation from a friend when you aren’t in a place you are familiar with.

We looked up Rocco’s Tacos online, found the address, and set the GPS.

I was blown away by the outdoor and indoor bar! There was enough tequila, of all different brands, to intoxicate an entire town!

Rocco’s Tacos had to be the best Tex-Mex food I have ever eaten! The service was amazing, the food was phenomenal, and the atmosphere was welcoming. The freshly made table-side guacamole was a highlight. The girls enjoyed their tacos, Wendy loved her burrito, and my taco salad was delicious!

After lunch, we did a bit more shopping before heading to Disney World.

It was absolute pandemonium in the truck when the girls saw this sign! It was a very emotional moment… Lauren would’t stop giggling and Rachel kept saying “We are finally at Disney World!”, to which I quietly responded (trying to keep my composure) “Yes princess… you are.”

We arrived at the Polynesian Resort and checked in. We were greeted with “Aloha” and a Lei was placed around our necks. I looked around to see if I could find Mr. Roarke and his sidekick Tattoo.

The name of the building our room was in was “Tahiti”. All the buildings at the Polynesian Resort are named after Polynesian Islands. It was the furthest building from the main building, so it gave us lots of exercise getting to and from.

Our room was beautiful… very warm and welcoming, much like the rest of the resort.

Once our bags were delivered and we were all settled in, the girls and I got our bathing suits on and we headed to the pool.

There was a really big volcano structure, with an enclosed slide that circled and rushed down to the pool. The girls spent a lot of time on this slide, and had a lot of fun!

Once the sun started to go down, the cast members (Disney staff) set up a huge blow-up screen on the beach. The movie for the night… Little Mermaid. The girls and I set up some chairs to watch the movie.

Our friend Tim and his kids were there to enjoy the fireworks and movie as well. It was a great night!

Wendy and Tim’s wife Carrie had to go to an event at Epcot for runDisney, so they missed out on the movie. But they got to run around Epcot after it was closed, and took pictures with several Disney characters!

It was an amazing day. We all got to sleep very late, but were super excited for the next day… Magic Kingdom during the day, and Epcot at night!

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  1. OMG That looked like so much fun. Honestly, I am going to go to Rocco’s Tacos for sure. The food looked delicious!!! I am glad you and @Mapsgirl had fun. What a great way to make memories with your kids!

  2. Daniela Duriavig : November 15, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    Looks like so much fun! Disney is a perfect family holiday – something for everyone!

  3. Kerrie @Family Food and Travel : November 15, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    Love Premium Outlets! Love Disney and Love Tacos! This is my kind of trip! Can’t wait to read the next instalments.

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