9 Places to Visit In Greece if you are Planning a Holiday in Southeastern Europe

9 Places to Visit In Greece if you are Planning a Holiday in Southeastern Europe
16 Aug 2022

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Greece, the land of ancient ruins and tasty food, offers a grand experience when it comes to sunny sea beaches. With the beautiful whitewashed villages, Greece is definitely one of the best travel destinations in Europe. If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime, a Greek luxury vacation is what you need right now. Greece has everything that you are looking for in a vacation, from mighty mountains to amazing seashores.

But if you are looking for an uninterrupted vacay feel, you need to plan it much before you plan to board the flight. You need to have a complete idea about the place where you are planning to visit, where to go, what to eat and everything else that will come along your way. Greece has so much to offer that it can keep you confused and puzzled throughout. So here is an easy guide to places to visit in Greece, read on and know more about the beautiful country.

1. Greek Islands

The beautiful Greek Islands is the most loved tourist spot placing it on the top of the world’s top travel destination. It has about 2000 islands to choose from and you will be mesmerised. You want to experience the colourful harbours or the gorgeous beaches and you can find them all there, waiting for you. If your bucket list has an activity of experiencing active volcanoes, you can tick it off here! Greek Islands offers you everything that you want to experience.

2. Athens

The city that gave birth to democracy must be there on your list if you are planning a vacation in Greece. The city is inhabited for more than 3000 years now. It is the perfect amalgamation of modernity and history. The archaeological ruins are the most interesting feature of Athens. Acropolis, the Ancient Angora, the Parthenon and the Theatre of Dionysos and other popular monuments increases the beauty of the city.

3. Meteora

Meteora, meaning ‘suspended in the air’ in Greek, is quite literally so. The amazing cliffs rise more than 1200 feet which is about 366 metres and overlooks the villages of Kalambaka and Kastraki. The beautiful sight from the cliff overlooking the villages is worth a visit. The monasteries at Meteora, built by the ancient monks who were seeking spiritual isolation, will offer you a feeling of peace from within.

4. Delphi

Delphi is another hugely popular archaeological site of Greece. The site is popular because it is said the Delphi was the seat of Pythia. In the ancient classical world, Pythia was the oracle who was consulted about important decisions throughout that period. It takes just two and a half hours to reach Delphi from Athens through the mind-blowing roads around Mount Parnassus. The Greeks consider Delphi as the centre of the world. It is named after the god, Apollo Delphi, one of the important oracles of ancient times. Delphi is full of ancient ruins and the important monuments are the Hippodrome, where many historical events were held, the Temple of Apollo, the Athenian Treasury and the theatre.

5. Peloponnese

The peninsula, shaped like a large leaf was called Morea meaning mulberry leaf. Situated in southern Greece, this place offers an orgasmic view of sea beaches and rugged mountains bordered with the dense forest of olive trees and conifers. Isthmus of Corinth and the Gulf of Corinth separate the region from the mainland. Olympia, where the first Olympic was held in 776 BC is situated here. The coastline is filled with fortresses and castles. The captivating cave networks are the must-visit places for both geologists and travellers. You want to experience a perfectly semi-circled powder-blue water enclosed are, Voidokilia is your dream destination.

6. Halkidiki

Another peninsula that you cannot miss is Halkidiki. The trident-shaped peninsula near Thessaloniki, a popular city of Greece has the beaches that will leave you spellbound. The trident structure forms three peninsulas where each one is famous for a different purpose. Kassandra is famous for nightlife and if you are a party person, this is the place for you. Sithonia offers you excellent beaches that will remain in your heart forever. Sithonia has campgrounds, hidden coves and of course the divine clear blue water. Athos is where you can see how monks live.

7. Zagori

If you look for a synonym of natural beauty, Zagori will be the perfect word. There are two national parks and is situated in north-western Greece. The small villages along the rivers crossing the region are a treat for your soul. The dense forest and the rugged mountains also increase the beauty of the place. The grand stone houses dating back to the late eighteenth century are priceless experiences that you cannot get anywhere else.

8. Thessaloniki

The second largest city of Greece is also the capital city is also the capital of Macedonian region of Northern Greece. If you are in for a city tour with a buzzing nightlife and interesting social events, here is where you should head to. The perfect mix of old and new, Thessaloniki is also shoppers’ paradise. City museums and art galleries are also worth paying visits.

9. Cape Sounion

Situated in the southernmost tip of Attica peninsula, Cape Sounion offers the best site for the ruins of Greek temple of Poseidon. In ancient Greek mythology, the god of the sea, Poseidon, is one of the Twelve Olympians. Cape Sounion is beautiful and also a must-visit place. Though this is a half day tour from Athens, the coastal cliffs redefine serenity in its own way.

Greece is a country that can surprise you every time you take a new step within the country. As the country gives us an account of the history of our world, similarly the natural beauty is hard to describe with the words from the dictionary. As they say, Greeks are just beautiful.

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