8 Useful Tips For Online Slot Machines

8 Useful Tips For Online Slot Machines
26 May 2021

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In the times of the worldwide pandemic, many people have started to use online games and online casinos to entertain themselves and make even some money at the same time. As it is not always easy to oversee the business of online casinos which is why there are many articles and guides on the internet about the subject such as the Online Casino Guide.

Whether on the personal home computer, the iPad, or the best online casino games for smartphones there are many things users should be aware of while playing in order to have harmless entertainment and a positive experience while using the providers’ services.

Here are 8 useful tips for online slot machines:

1. Play simple games

Especially for people who are new to online slot machines, it is important to not overload yourself with too complicated games. Always remember that you gamble with your own money and the more complicated a game is, the lower are your odds to win.

Of course, all the extra features look fun at first sight, but many of them are nothing more than distractions. To keep track of bonuses and progressive jackpots or even other players doesn’t necessarily contribute to the fun you have while playing. Less is More!

2. Test the Games You Play

Before directly betting your money on slot games that you have never played before it is wiser to have a test run to get to know the game first. Many slot games have a free test version in order to give a taste to the user before purchasing the game and betting your money.

By trying out the games first you can get familiar with the game, develop your own strategies, and practice. This offers you the possibility to be prepared for the game and eventually win when it comes to playing with real money and disappointments can be avoided.

3. Go with higher denominations

Slot machines are all about winning combos. To increase your chances of hitting a high combo you should always try to play high denominations. In order to get high combos, you may always choose the highest denomination available which also makes a payout more likely.

It is important to keep this in mind as many players often forget about it and just move on in the game. The higher the denomination, the higher the payback percentage, which means that you will have a much higher chance of hitting playing slots with higher denominations.

4. No worries about ‘Due’ payouts

It may be hard to accept for many but the reality is that slot games generally reach the result of every spin on a totally random basis. This is why it is extremely important to know that ‘Due’ payouts do simply not exist.

Chasing a hit by even spending extra money on it is a total waste of time. Every slot machine works with a random number generator to choose a random combination for each spin you take. You simply cannot forecast the outcome unless you have some magical powers. The only way to reach a payout is by hitting the right combo. Period.

5. Bet the Maximum

Another important tip for slot machines is to always bet the maximum to get all lines in action while you spin. There are slot machines with multiple lines which require specific bets to be activated but betting the maximum is just as good. In order to increase your chances of hitting a direct payout, it is important to always bet the maximum possible. Many features even require the activation of all lines in order to use them. All or nothing, always bet the maximum.

6. Avoid Credit Cards

Many people suggest that sticking to playing with cash while using online slot machines is a safer way of playing. Choosing credit or debit cards over other payment options can be a risky thing. Most of the online slot machines are already coin-based and you can use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Dogecoin to insert your money into the machine.

Depositing money in smaller amounts helps you to be more aware of the money you spent and keep an overview of your expenses and wins. Set yourself a certain amount of money that you want to invest in the game and follow it through.

7. Do not get stuck on tight machines

Sometimes it happens that you hit a slot machine that is tight, which means it seems that you just never hit the combo. These black sheep of slot machines exist and are not very uncommon. Players who play a lot and on different machines are likely to hit one of those tight machines every once in a while.

These machines just make you spin and spin for a very long time until you eventually get a hit. Do better not get stuck with those tight slot machines and move one quickly to another machine as soon as you realize something is wrong.

8. Know When to Stop

Last but not least it is always important to know when to stop. After all, gambling machines are known to make you addicted. Of course, it is fun to play, but like it is with every other thing in life, it is important to use it wisely and balanced. Decide how much time and money you’re willing to invest in playing slot machines and stop when you have reached your personal limit.

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