8 Outdoor DIY Kid’s Entertainment Ideas

8 Outdoor DIY Kid’s Entertainment Ideas
17 Sep 2021

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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s time to get outside. Children love to play outside, especially when it’s nice weather. It is good for them to get fresh air and exercise. There are many ways to set up your outdoor space so that kids will love playing there all the time. Here are some DIY kid’s entertainment ideas.

Outdoor Water Table

Kids simply love to play with water. So you can set up a table outdoors and let them use real toys in the water. Or you could get an inflatable pool for this purpose if that’s easier and you don’t want to get the area wet.

Sand Pit

Kids love building sandcastles. Get a big plastic tub and fill it with sand from your backyard sandbox. Add some buckets, shovels, and other play toys for the kids to use. If you have a family cat, remember to cover the sandpit after the kids are done to stop temptation from your family feline.

Slip n Slide

You can set up a simple tarp or plastic sheet on your lawn that will allow water from the sprinkler system to run off of it. Kids love sliding down this. And you know you will take a couple of turns down the slide too. Just be sure you have safety precautions in place, so they don’t get hurt when doing this. If you don’t have a lawn, an astroturf will work just as great.

Outdoor Gym

Kids love to climb on things, so adding a small climbing wall or some monkey bars outside is a great idea. You can also get creative and make your own outdoor toys instead of buying them. For example, you could use PVC piping with balls in it for a fun ball pit activity that kids will enjoy. Boys might enjoy a car track or Lego pit as well.

Bike Path

If you have some room, consider creating an outdoor bike path for kids to ride on and explore the outdoors with their new wheels. For this, simply place some pieces of wood down in your yard that go from one end to another. Make sure it’s safe and secure to prevent injuries. You can even add a few stop signs along the path.

Outdoor Playhouse

This is an excellent idea for kids who like to pretend and “playhouse.” You can get creative and make your own. Or you could even buy one that’s themed after their favourite character, such as Spiderman if they love superheroes. Another fun thing would be an outdoor tent.

Rock Climbing Wall

If you have a lot of rocks on your property, consider setting up some rock walls for kids to climb. They will enjoy the challenge, and it’s good exercise. Be sure to set this up securely if there are small children playing around here. You might also want to get safety equipment such as harnesses and helmets to keep everyone safe.


Kids love jumping around on a trampoline, so why not set one up for them? This is excellent exercise, and they will have fun doing it. Just be sure that you go through all of the safety precautions before letting kids play here. You definitely don’t want anyone getting hurt.

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