7 Ways to Make your Bedroom Look like a Luxury Hotel Suite

7 Ways to Make your Bedroom Look like a Luxury Hotel Suite
08 Sep 2017

Don’t we all miss our stays at hotels once we’re back home? No matter how well you’ve designed your home, you definitely miss the comfort and luxury you experience during hotel room stays. The grandeur and luxe is un-matchable but we can always give it a try. How about a few simple tricks that can help you renovate your bedroom into a lavish hotel room?

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1. Walls

Probably one of the biggest change in your bedroom can be brought about by working on the walls. One idea is to select one and design it as the feature wall. You can hang paintings or other pieces of artwork to distinguish it from other walls. The trick is to keep the other walls neutral by selecting a very natural tone, either whites, beiges and creams.

If you don’t like the idea of a feature wall and think its too outdated, you can always go for a simplistic appearance. Elegance is timeless and never goes out of fashion. Lighter tones make your room look more spacious, allow for more vibrant room and bedding accessories and one can never go wrong with them.

2. Go for a TV wall

You might feel that the room is too small and not suitable for a TV wall, but if you’re into hoteling frequently, chances are that you’ve stayed at a small hotel room too. No hotel room is complete without a TV and if you plan on giving your room a complete hotel room appearance, we recommend you get a TV for the wall facing the bed. A grand LED only adds to the splendor of the room and is definitely your best source of entertainment.

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3. Get Super Comfy Bedding

The first thing that you’ll do when you enter a hotel room is jump on the bed to see how cozy the sheets are. Invest in comforters and cozy pillows. Depending on your budget, you can either go for duck or goose down comforters, or down alternative comforters and pillows if you’re allergic to dust. Hotel bedding is the primary feature that makes the experience worth the money.

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4. Invest in Bedroom Accessories

As important as it is in investing in classy furniture, small bedroom accessories make a huge difference. If you’re going with nude palettes, go for blingy and vibrant coloured accessories. Be it table lamps, decoration pieces, frames or even bed cushions, you need to declutter your room and invest in some contemporary bedroom accessories. It is however important, that these accessories comply with the theme and don’t look out of place.

5. Utilize Every Corner

Hotel rooms do not leave any space unoccupied. Whether its a nightstand or a shelf, or just another beautiful lamp, the corners are occupied smartly. You can place a plant, a curved sofa, or a small table with a photo frame on it. If you like reading, you can get a few bookshelves fixed and make it a reading corner. The key to a lavish room is not leaving any corners unattended.

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6. Lighten up the Room

A brighter room is a happier room. Other than making your room appear wider, lighting plays a huge role in the vibe that your bedroom gives. Different lighting patterns are needed at different corners of the room. While you would want grazing lights over paintings and wall frames, a trendy chandelier definitely adds to the grandeur of your room. Hotel rooms are designed on the maximum lights mantra.

7. Use Mirrors

Its time you let go of the Feng Shui myth of not placing a mirror in your bedroom and get your hands on one. Why, you ask? Mirrors reflect back light making a smaller room look wider and a bigger room, even more, ultimately adding to the grandeur that you were looking for in the first place. While a tall mirror will reflect the light coming from the window,  a dresser mirror will reflect the ceiling and give an expansive look to your room.

Following these small tips can make a huge difference and definitely make your own bedroom more like a hotel room. The key is to keep it simple. Do not indulge in buying too much furniture or bedroom accessories that will only clutter your room. Simplicity is elegance. And that is probably what you miss most when you get back home from a hotel stay.

Happy Renovating!

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