Finding Your Zen: 7 Tips to Help A Busy Dad Relax

Finding Your Zen: 7 Tips to Help A Busy Dad Relax
17 Jul 2017

Busy Dad

Being a dad is a tough job… you have a huge list of demands placed on you. If a dad does not learn how to relax, the stress will eventually get the better of him. These 7 tips to help a busy dad relax should help you breathe a sigh of relief.

1. Learn how to prioritize things. We all have the same 24 hours in a day but what differentiates people is their time management skills. By learning how to focus on what’s important your stress levels become manageable. No one can do everything but everyone can do something!

2. Yoga. While some man may scoff and think Yoga cannot benefit them there is a growing number of men who go for yoga classes. There are many health benefits associated with Yoga and one of the best is stress management.

dad stretching

3. Get more exercise. Most of us work inside offices which are comfortable but do not give us the opportunity to get some much needed exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which help stabilize your mood, reduce stress and make you look good. Dads need to make time for regular exercise or they are going to negatively impact their health.

couple hugging gift

4. Spending quality time with mom. Dad is busy earning a living for the family and doing chores around the home that he neglects his husbandly duties. When dad and mom spend time together they can enjoy some intimate quality time. Nothing beats stress like holding someone you love and they love you back.

5. Go natural. CBD is an all natural product that promotes health and relaxation. Unlike the pharmaceutical products being prescribed by doctors, with these products there are no harmful side effects. These products are derived from hemp oil and work with the nervous system to make you feel relaxed. The sedative effect also promotes more refreshing sleep! It can be taken orally with water, inside tea or with your meals. There is no aftertaste so it can be used in regular meals.

dad meditating

6. Meditate. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress. Even when sitting inside an office you can simply close your eyes for 5 minutes and just clear your mind. That little 5 minute mental siesta can really reduce your stress levels and make you feel refreshed.

dad eat healthy

7. Eat well. There is an old adage, “we are what we eat”, and it holds true when dealing with stress. If you are eating processed, fast food it will wreak havoc on your body. By eating a well-balanced diet and drinking lots of water, your body will be able to deal with stress better.

dad relaxing with son

Taking Things in Stride

There is an expression, “life is what you make it”, so try to adopt that philosophy. If you get stressed about little things in life, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Life is full of challenges, but that is the nature of life. In the end, we cannot take anything with us but our memories. Try to create positive memories between you, your children, and your spouse. By cherishing the memories, it helps you overcome the stress of modern life.



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