7 Easy Ways to Update Your Restaurant’s Decor

7 Easy Ways to Update Your Restaurant’s Decor
05 Mar 2021

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Nowadays, anyone can open a café or restaurant. Many people use this opportunity, but few remain in this business. It often happens like this: a person decides to open a restaurant, chooses a suitable place, decides on the choice of a suitable menu, equips the interior, then hires employees. But after some time, the business becomes unprofitable, the organizer has to change something, or even close their doors. To prevent this from happening, you need to pay attention to each stage of the business organization, and the correct design in this matter is one of the most important elements.

Interior design helps to create comfortable conditions for receiving guests.

1. Concept

At the initial stage, you need to decide on the concept of the restaurant. It all depends on the guests. It is necessary to take into account the preferences of certain groups, which can ensure regular attendance.

If the restaurant is intended for families with children, you need to create a cheerful interior with play areas, because children eat quickly in order to have time to play and have fun.

In this case, do not forget about the parents who want to relax and communicate in peace. It is possible to organize the work of an animator who will entertain children and monitor their safety.

The most popular establishments are located in the middle price segment. Higher prices attract fewer visitors, and too low can attract a clientele you may not want.

People are attracted to cozy, homely, inexpensive, atmospheric establishments.

It is important to define the target audience. In the case when the building is located next to a business centre, you need to focus on the needs of office workers. Arrange early breakfasts and set meals.

2. Walls decoration

The walls of the restaurants always have the largest area for decoration. So every effort should be put on it to revitalize and update your interior design. The simplest solution for walls and ceilings is to change their colour or have an unusual art piece or painting on them. The modern art of airbrushing, looking from the side of visitors, can fundamentally change the interior of a café. Another way to change the look of walls and ceilings is with textile wallpapers. With its richness, unlimited design and colour solutions, unexpected themes, wallpapers can radically change the entire interior of your restaurant. You can find them for every taste, style, and budget.

3. Plants and flowers

Plants in any form will bring the truest animation to interior design. It can be both live and artificial. Flower arrangements on tables, by the window – all these arrangements will fill every corner of your establishment with charm. Stylish and modern vases, unusually shaped flower pots, figurines, paintings on the walls will be the final touch.

4. Furniture arrangement

It is impossible to express an unambiguous position on this topic. Much depends on the format of the establishment – it can be a small chamber room with a single bar counter and be the most fashionable bar in the city, or halls with an open kitchen that have become more popular in recent years. There can be one large common table for different guests – these formats are usually popular in restaurants used by freelancers as coworking spaces, or they are placed along the window if there is a beautiful view.

Avoid open space filled with tables with four chairs on all sides. A much better solution would be to place a few soft sofas. This is, firstly, convenient, and secondly, it allows you to zone the room and visually arrange it. For couples or girlfriends gatherings, two chairs are still a good option.

5. Reception and wardrobe design

Not every establishment has a reception, but if it suits your format, then it is better to make the counter to order or arrange it ready-made in the style of the establishment with the help of a designer. The reception is the first thing that a guest will see in the restaurant, it should be memorable. After the reception, the guest will enter the wardrobe, which is often a separate room. Although this space is hidden for guests, its decoration should also be done in the main style of the restaurant. Outside, the entrance to the wardrobe should harmoniously fit into the interior.

6. Bathroom design

But as for the interior design itself, there is such a common technique among all clients – to evaluate the restaurant by the bathroom.

If the bathroom has an interesting design, then the whole place as a whole is perceived well. Where, if not in the bathroom, you can take a cool selfie. Of course, the bathroom should also be made in the basic design of the restaurant. The main detail of the bathroom is a mirror – make it large and add a touch of originality: a compliment, a hashtag of the restaurant, or the opposite text. The design of the bathroom is important, but do not forget that the main thing is good quality commercial washroom equipment, cleanliness, and space. No one likes crammed washrooms.

7. Equipment on display

The larger and more beautiful the coffee machine is, the tastier the coffee. This may not be completely true, but in attracting guests and increasing the status of the restaurant, it works one hundred percent. Of course, all the equipment must fit into the interior design of the restaurant and the overall concept. The best solution for the restaurant will be an open kitchen. It attracts attention from the guests when all of the equipment in the kitchen is in the same style. For example, silver surfaces, refrigerators, and the appropriate colour of the walls.


A restaurant is not only for tasty and interesting cuisine, but also a cozy atmosphere. Visitors should enjoy being in your restaurant. Unusual design will always distinguish you from competitors. People go to a restaurant not only to enjoy beautifully served food, but also to relax, unwind, and celebrate events. Interior design is one of the most important elements that create a unique atmosphere.


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