7 Amazing Things to Do When You Are Alone in Sydney

7 Amazing Things to Do When You Are Alone in Sydney
15 Mar 2021

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Image by Patty Jansen from Pixabay

While many people don’t like travelling alone, there are lots of benefits to exploring a location on your own. For example, you can create an itinerary that allows you to see everything that interests you and you don’t have to depend on anyone else and compromise what you will see. With that in mind, if you’ve decided to visit Sydney by yourself, here are just some of the many amazing things you can do.

Cycle your way around on a bike

If you are travelling alone in order to avoid crowded guided tours, you will surely appreciate the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the NSW capital by bike. While you can join a guided bike tour that will teach you more about the history and culture of each spot, there are also many places where you can rent a bike of your choice and cycle from one attraction to another at your own pace.

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

One of the iconic attractions of Sydney is, of course, the Harbour Bridge. There are many ways you can enjoy its magnificence, from land and water. However, something that you can also try is climbing the bridge. Don’t forget your camera for this three-hour activity as you will get many breathtaking snaps of this gorgeous city. On the other hand, if the climbing tour is too expensive for you, you can take a walk or cycle across the bridge for free and still get stunning panoramic views.

See what the local markets have to offer

Shopping enthusiasts can take as much time as they want to browse all the local markets that Sydney boasts, like Paddington Markets and the Flower Market. For example, if you like vintage clothes and handicrafts, you’ll love Glebe Market. When you get a bit hungry, you can also enjoy some tasty meals at the food stalls. Then, if you like digging for some unique finds, go to Rozelle Collectors Market. Finally, the Orange Grove Organic Market is where you need to go for fresh produce.

Go on a date

On the other hand, just because you are travelling alone, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want some company from time to time. In case you are tired of online dating apps, you can consider going through a dating agency from Sydney. These matchmaking professionals will find you a suitable date in no time and you can have dinner on top of the Sydney Tower and enjoy the view along with a nice conversation. If you get matched with a local, they can even show you all the hidden spots of this beautiful city.

Join a whale-watching cruise

Something else you can do in Sydney is go whale watching. These giants pass near Sydney during their migration so you can easily spot them if you time your visit right. There are many cruises you can join and even enjoy a drink while relaxing on-board a vessel.

Learn to surf

Perhaps you are looking to pick up a new skill during your visit to Sydney. Well, what better activity to try out than surfing! Whether you pick the world-famous Bondi beach or opt for something a bit more low-key, the expert instructors will get you out on the water and teach you how to stand on the board and catch waves that you can ride. Even complete beginners can join in on the fun, so don’t miss out.

Try some delicious wines

Finally, if you’re looking to relax, pay a visit to Hunter Valley, just north of Sydney. It is home to incredible wineries that you can tour and try some of their best wines. If you can book a secluded cabin or find an Airbnb, you should stay there for a few days and experience the stunning countryside as well.

There are many advantages to travelling by yourself. If you happen to go to Sydney on your own, don’t skip these amazing things.

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