6 Ways You Can Live More Sustainably

6 Ways You Can Live More Sustainably
21 Sep 2021

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The rise in global concern regarding climate change has made individuals all around the globe be more conscious and informed about their actions in their daily lives. individuals have recognized the importance of being more sustainable and responsible in their actions, and are making conscious efforts to change the way they live, commute, eat and work. Everything that we do in our daily life – from eating breakfast, to going to work, to communicating, and until we sleep – has an impact on the environment. While a complete overhaul of our lives is impossible to achieve and maintain in the long run, we can all make small efforts on a daily basis. Listed below are six ways we can live more sustainably:

Avoid unnecessarily purchasing electronics

Instead of purchasing new pieces of technology and appliances every time there is a new upgrade or if an appliance malfunctions, individuals should consider getting their appliances repaired instead. Repairing alliances is a great way of ensuring their longevity, and is a means of getting the most bang for your buck. Individuals should seek help from professional appliance repair companies such as Victoria BC Appliance Services.

Consume less meat

Meat production is one of the major contributors towards pollution and global climate change. If the worldwide demand for meat decreases, so would the production, and this vicious cycle of meat production, consumption, and pollution would come to a gradual end. Meat production also causes the pollution of landscapes and water bodies, and by reducing your meat intake not only would you be environmentally conscious but also much more healthy.

Avoid using single-use products

Single-use plastics are a major contributor towards climate change and individuals should make a conscious effort to avoid using such products. A good example of this would be to use a cloth-based or recycled shopping bag for getting your weekly groceries instead of using plastic bags provided by your local retailers. Another example would be to make a conscious effort in reducing the use of tissue paper for cleaning purposes and using a cleaning cloth instead.

Use eco-friendly hygiene and cleaning products

Individuals should make an effort to use eco-friendly cleaning products because the regular versions use toxic chemicals and components that can harm the environment. By only using eco-friendly hygiene and cleaning products, individuals can ensure that they play their part towards the environment and are environmentally friendly.

Purchase only fair-trade products

Pair-trade practices essentially refer to when products are manufactured in compliance with sustainable production and good HR practices. The employees involved are paid fair wages and treated well. Consumers are encouraged to do some research whilst engaging with new companies and should ensure that those companies are environmentally conscious.

Walk, bicycle and carpool

Automobiles play a major part in pollution all around the globe which is why individuals should make a conscious effort to reduce their use of automobiles. individuals should try to incorporate walking, bicycling and carpooling in their everyday commutes and hence play their part in doing something for the environment.

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