6 video games that are good for your mind and body

6 video games that are good for your mind and body
10 Feb 2020

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Doubtlessly, video games offer you unlimited hours of fun. If you walk down the memory lane, you’ll find yourself playing at least a few games. Well, not only you, even I have played a good number of games during my teenage days.

Whether it be Mario Cart or PUBG, certain games have managed to gain quite an avid following.

This might explain why the gaming industry has thrived over the years, without fail. As per Tech Jury, currently, there are 2.5 billion gamers in the world. And, according to BestTheNews, the sector is projected to reach a whopping 90 billion US dollars by the end of 2020!

So, what makes games so popular among both adults and children?

The most obvious answer is that they provide an excellent way to spend your leisure time. They help you in honing your intrapersonal skills and aid in developing a community of like-minded people.

But, apart from this, there is yet another benefit that is often overlooked- video games are excellent for your mind and body! At least some of them are. Here are games you might want to play if you want to sharpen your mind and body.

moles in holes video games good for mind and body

1. Moles in Holes

One strategy game that requires you to put on your thinking cap is Moles in Holes by Unlimited Gamez Mo. This platform is home to various other games as well, from a wide array of genres. This includes card games, strategy, action games, etc.

Moles in Holes is just one of the many strategy games available on the platform for a small subscription fee.

In this game, you need to help the different moles reach their food by making their way underground. However, the path of one mole cannot overlap the path of another!

This is what makes this game slightly tricky. Hence you need to plan and create paths that are shortest for each mole. Via this game, a gamer can help hone their decision making and planning skills. This is bound to come in handy in different facets of life.

Lumosity Brain Training video games good for mind and body

2. Lumosity Brain Training

You can’t have a list of games that are good for your mind and not include Lumosity! After all, the platform is well-known for brain-training games.

This is true to such an extent that many recruitment companies draw inspiration from the platform when creating gamified recruitment processes!

Currently, Lumosity Brain Training apps have over 85 million people. It has over 30 games, each of which provides an immense workout to your brain. You can also keep a close track of your scores and then compare them with other online players.

The competitive streak helps gamers in staying addicted to the game.

starcraft video games good for mind and body

3. Starcraft

Starcraft is an excellent real-time strategy game that puts one’s brain to a great test.

In this game, you have to fight off a variety of alien species. No two species in the game are the same. This is why you need to make use of different tactics in order to win.

This is where your brainpower comes in. You must plan ahead, manage your resources, and sustain units. A study was conducted to gauge the effectiveness of the game. It was discovered that Starcraft could help increase the brain flexibility of the players.

Just Dance video games good for mind and body

4. Just Dance

Just Dance is a game that can be played on a variety of platforms. This includes Xbox One, PlayStation, Wii U, Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 4. This game is great for the body, specifically, since it falls under the fitness genre.

But this is not your everyday fitness game. It has a fun element to it. What it does manage to do is, get you off of a sedentary position. As you perform the various dance moves that are displayed on the screen, you are bound to feel your heart rate increase.

In a way, you can view Just Dance as part of your workout routine. It is also a great game for family night. Since it allows you to have a good time while staying fit, it is considered to be one of the top games for staying fit.

witcher 3 video games good for mind and body

5. Witcher 3

With the rising popularity of the Witcher, the drama series, we are sure that it is the first thing that came in your mind when you saw the name of this game. Well, the series is an adaptation of the video games. Any one of you who is a fan of the TV show will find this game to be a good way to pass your time as you wait for the next season.

However, the game isn’t just great for entertainment. It has also proven to be outstanding for the brain as well. In this game, you assume the role of Geralt of Riva, the protagonist. He is a monster hunter, who is more popularly known as a Witcher.

He is in his quest to find where his missing adopted daughter is. The open-world adventure game allows you to explore away as you complete different side quests. When you do, you will acquire experience points.

As you engage with other monsters and concoct different potions, you will learn that the game requires you to make quite a lot of decisions. Add this to the enhanced eye-hand coordination and the improvement in flexibility, and you have a game made for your mind.

shape up video games good for mind and body

6. Shape Up

Shape Up is exclusively available on Xbox One. This fitness game is similar to Just Dance. Both games merge, exercising with fun. While Just Dance is more towards honing your dancing skills, Shape Up puts you through various exercises.

After each workout level, you come across a fun 90-second mini-game. For instance, just after you finish your leg lifts, you might have to punch away all the ice cubes flying towards you from the screen.

These twists to a conventional fitness game allow Shape Up to stand out.

Give each of these six video games and see if they help in rejuvenating your mind and body. After a tiring day at school or work, you deserve to de-stress. And what better way to do so than by playing games that offer you other benefits as well!

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