Table Tennis: 6 Tips for Using Your Ping Pong Table

Table Tennis: 6 Tips for Using Your Ping Pong Table
28 Jan 2018

How do I maintain my table? Why position your table? How do I clean the table surface?

Ping pong tables are like any games tables… they are an investment, and should be treated as one. As well as the table, the accessories, like the paddles, should also be well maintained. Be sure to read reviews before purchasing paddles, as they all play differently.

Here are some easy tips to help maintain your ping pong table.

1. Position your table

An incorrectly installed table can frustrate you in your practice. Here are some tips to properly position your table:
• Install the table on as flat a surface as possible.
• Once unfolded, you can adjust the table top with adjustable feet. The goal is to have both trays perpendicular to the ground and facing each other.
• Secure the trays with safety systems so that the table does not move.
• If you want more stability, you can block the wheels (wedges, cords, weights, a brick, etc.)

2. Securing the table

Tables like the FT730 table have an automatic safety system. A “click” will tell you that the trays are locked. In order to secure your table, be sure to install your table in a spacious place that allows you to move freely. Do not clutter your place of practice.

ping pong paddles on table

3. Clean the game board

Some ping pong tables are used outdoors, and are therefore subject to the test of the elements. To keep the table in its original state, a good cleaning is necessary. Be careful, the table top remains fragile and should not be cleaned with excessively corrosive products or solvents. Harsh cleaners can damage or remove the paint.

Here is the solution:
• Before cleaning the tray, remember to remove the net.
• Mix soap with warm water: in a bucket, half water / half soap
• Clean with a cloth (or sponge) soaked in the soapy water mixture, making circular movements
• Rinse the surfaces with clear water
• Dry the surface with a shammy or soft cloth, and then replace the net.

4. Protective cover

An outdoor table can suffer damage from the elements. That is why, apart from a regular cleaning, it is necessary to protect the table when it is stored. A protective cover will allow your table to survive longer in rainy and stormy weather, but also to protect the table’s paint from the sun.

5. Storage of the table

A folded table may be dangerous if it is not stored in a suitable place. Remember to put your table away from the wind because it can easily “take” the wind and therefore fall over and suffer heavy damage. In a garage, a large shed, or secured against a wall are ideal places for storing your table.

ping pong ball on hand

6. Repair a ping pong ball

Here is a simple trick to restore the roundness to your ping pong ball: With a spoon, submerge the damaged ball into a container filled with boiling water. Hold in the water for 30 seconds to a minute. There you go! Your ball should be just like new!

* If your ball does not regain its shape, which can happen, then a new ball is required.

You now have the keys to properly maintain your table and enjoy it for as long as possible!

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  1. Thanks, Craig, I used to play table tennis when I was in school, I love this game.

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