6 Things to Know Before Visiting New Zealand

6 Things to Know Before Visiting New Zealand
01 May 2020

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Considering the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has forced most of us to stay locked inside our homes, there’s truly no better time to thoroughly plan out our future adventures, once travel becomes a viable option once again. If you’ve found yourself yearning for fresh air, gorgeous natural wonders and exciting outdoor adventures, New Zealand is the best and most wonderful place to visit when you finally get the chance. However, there are still some things you need to know before traveling to this beautiful country:

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1. Making use of the “travel bubble”

Due to the current pandemic, international travel most likely won’t be available until the end of the year. However, although most borders around the world will remain closed, restrictions in certain countries are starting to loosen up, and local tourism is beginning to evolve once again, and Australia and New Zealand are no different. Because of their close proximity and friendly relationship, these two countries have created what’s referred to as the “trans-Tasman bubble”, allowing free travel between them sooner than expected. This makes New Zealand an ideal holiday destination this year for any Aussie yearning for travel.

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2. Traveling to New Zealand

If you’re not an Australian, however, but rather an international traveler planning their future vacation to New Zealand, it’s important to know how traveling to this wonderful country actually operates. Although New Zealand doesn’t require a traditional visa, as of last year, every tourist is expected to pay two fees before entering the country. Totaling at approximately $45 NZD, the money collected will be put towards improving the tourism infrastructure in the country, as well as conserving New Zealand’s natural environment, and can easily be paid on the official government website before your departure.

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3. Most popular destinations to visit

Apart from the larger cities, such as Auckland, Queenstown and Wellington, all of which offer their fair share of wonderful landmarks, quirky neighborhoods, a vibrant nightlife and even some adventure-seeking opportunities, New Zealand is also a land filled with the most gorgeous natural wonders in the world. Fiordland, for example, offers beautiful waterfalls, scenic hikes and stunning fjord cruises, including the popular Milford Sound, while Tongariro National Park is famed for its peaceful lakes and desert-resembling plateaus combined with wonderful wild forests and exciting active volcanoes.

If you simply can’t decide what to visit on your vacation, you can follow the extensive New Zealand Travel Guide that will take you through the most popular attractions, luxurious accommodation options, special trips and events, and even comfortable and reliable car rentals, ensuring the best and most exciting New Zealand adventure possible.

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4. Interesting New Zealand activities

New Zealand is home to the Māori people, one of the oldest and most fascinating cultures in the world, which makes taking a trip to this idyllic country the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons. Whether you decide to visit vital Māori villages or even attend some traditional dances and cultural dinners, there are many local guides available who will gladly show you the traditional Māori life in modern times.

When it comes to exciting outdoor activities, you can try anything from trekking through the gorgeous untouched nature to participating in adventure sports such as surfing, kayaking and rock climbing nearly anywhere on New Zealand’s beautiful islands. And if you’re a big Tolkien fan, don’t miss a chance to visit the picturesque Hobbiton movie set, filled with perfect green grass, rolling hills and charming tiny Hobbit holes.

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5. Packing for a New Zealand trip

Regardless of the season, New Zealand’s climate can be quite unpredictable and the weather can drastically change from one day to another, from the North to the South Island. So, even if you check the weather forecast before traveling to the country, make sure to pack appropriately for each region, day and planned activity, and always stock up on waterproof and weather-resistant clothing that will keep you dry, safe and protected on your New Zealand adventures.

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6. Being a conscientious traveler

As New Zealanders are quite serious about preserving nature and being kind to the environment, every tourist is expected to be respectful and responsible when visiting this country, in order to help preserve and maintain its beauty. Apart from tidying up after themselves, reducing waste as much as possible and always recycling, visitors are also encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint, shop locally to support artisans, cultures and the economy, and overall be a more conscientious and eco-friendly traveler.

When the crisis is finally averted and the world becomes free once again, there’s no denying that the breathtaking natural scenery of New Zealand, combined with some of the most unique and exciting experiences, will make for a wonderful and absolutely life-changing holiday.

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