6 Suggestions to Jazz Up Your Home During the Pandemic

6 Suggestions to Jazz Up Your Home During the Pandemic
04 Feb 2021

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The global coronavirus pandemic, has people around the world staying at home. Given that nearly everyone is spending more time at home these days, they need to make sure that their living spaces are bringing them comfort and joy during these tough times.

If your interior has seen better days, you can make creative changes to refresh the appearance of your living space. By doing so, you get the opportunity to take your mind off the pandemic and keep yourself productive.
Here are a few ideas you can pursue to spruce up the space inside your house:

1. Update Your Flooring

If the floor in your home is dull and uninspiring, change up your flooring. An option you could consider is wood floors.
Hardwood flooring comes with many benefits. It’s strong and durable, enhances the look of your living spaces and improves the acoustics within the room. If you’re thinking about upgrading your flooring to this option, get in touch with reliable wholesale hardwood flooring suppliers who can provide you with the materials you need to complete the home improvement project.

2. Do Some Spring Cleaning

You don’t have to wait for spring to arrive. You can declutter your house any time of the year. Making your home clean and organized can make your rooms feel bigger, freshen up your living spaces and create a calm and comfortable environment.
Not sure where to begin? Take note of these handy spring cleaning tips:

• Declutter Your Shelves – Getting rid of the dust and dirt on your shelves is not enough. If your storage units are full of old books, magazines that you don’t read, movies you don’t watch and other uninteresting trinkets, you’ll want to get rid of them. You could sell them, give them to your neighbor or donate them.
• Clean Your Light Fixtures – Although you may have to bust out a ladder or a wooden stepping stool, wiping away the debris from the light bulbs is worth the hassle. This makes your fixtures look better and give off more light.
• Wash Your Windows and Curtains – Spotless windows are essential, as they maximize the amount of natural light that enters your home. So, make sure to give your windows a quick wash. Also, don’t forget to clean your curtains. Depending on the type of curtain, you’ll need to take them to the dry cleaners or use a washing machine.

3. Transform Your Statement Artwork into a Gallery Wall

If the same painting has been hovering over your couch for several years, you’ll want to add more works of art to make your room more visually pleasing.

Start by hanging an assortment of paintings and photos. Make sure they surround the statement artwork. You can opt for a more eclectic look by choosing artworks that come in a range of sizes, shapes and colors. By doing this, you’re going to attract more attention to the focal piece and turn your gallery wall into a conversation piece.

4. Paint Your Furniture

Giving certain antiques a fresh coat of paint is a no-no, but other pieces of furniture could use a coat of color. If you’re going to give your old furniture a facelift, you’ll need to buy the paint color of your choice, a high-quality primer, sandpaper and cleaning solutions like rubbing alcohol. This relatively inexpensive project can make your furniture appear brand new again.

Pro-tip: you could also paint the back surface of your shelves. The hint of color you’re giving to these storage units can inject new life into an area that isn’t getting a lot of attention.

5. Update Old Throw Pillows

Over time, the throw pillows in your sofa sag and become unappealing. This can negatively affect the design of a room and make visitors second guess about sitting on your sofa.

Don’t let these dated throw pillows put a damper on your overall home décor. Replace your old pillows or re-cover them with beautiful covers.

6. Introduce Some Plants to Your Home

Millennials love plants – and for good reasons. Adding some greenery to your living spaces can help detoxify the air, improve your mood and bring nature to you if you’re required to stay inside your house.

Don’t have a green thumb? That’s perfectly fine. You can choose sturdy indoor plants that can handle a little neglect. A few examples include:

• Pothos – This trailing vine can withstand under- and over-watering, as well as tolerate nearly pitch-black conditions.
• Yucca – Just place this plant on the sun, water sparingly and you’re good to go.
• Snake Plant – This sansevieria won’t die easily. It can go a month without water.

If you’re feeling irritable or restless at home, spruce up your interior by following these suggestions. They’ll surely make your living space more enjoyable as you wait for the pandemic to die down.

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